How 2 Reianna'sMake Grill Cheese Sandwiches By: reianna robinson

  • Step #1:
  • First make sure you have your bread,butter, & your cheese
  • Step #2:
  • Then make sure you have your skillet & your spatula and a plate
  • Put your skillet on the stove then set the temperture to 5 degrees
  • Step #3:
  • Butter your your bread front and back then slice a little piece of butter & put it in the pan then let it melt then put the cheese in the middle of both breads then put in into the skillet then let it sit for 4 to 6 mintues then flip it over to the other side for 4 to 6 mintues
  • Step #4
  • Add more butter to each outside of the breads & let it cool off for 3 mintues then eat it with soup, toamtoe soup or my favorite ravioli ! - I hope you fix your grill cheese sandwiches my way :) !

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