Land of Oceana The stunning story of a mysterious land

I was pottering about in my little yacht, as my captain and 12 other men stumbled upon three amazing islands, styled with fine buildings decorating the scenery across the island. Victoria. Architecture styled e already stunning island. I felt like I was a time traveller going back and seeing everything. Originally, this route was taken by a lot of sailors who use here to go to New York, originally what I was planning. How on earth did this island just appear here so?


Mayfield is taken nearly completely up by the airport that they call a steam port, it is strange as it is a factory yet uses steam planes to fly. Usually, a steam plane would be too heavy to fly, yet this is fantastic. You should have seen the cast iron ships, hit an iceberg—two icebergs, and had only a scratch. Imagine if they made titanic! It would be a wonder to mankind. This Steamport is a lot easier to get a flight. Because of the flight navigation on the planes and ships, they will always find the island.

Pouerto colda is what these mountains are called in the English alphabet. It means "port of cold". It is a ship port, used only to transport food to the hikers when in need. Also the poorer people live there in some serious conditions, it is freezing and the atmosphere up there is insane. I have no idea how the people who go hiking up there don't freeze, even with their fur coats as it goes down to minus 100. This guide so far hopefully is an insight for if you ever find 3 islands, and one that looks like a mouth. Up here is where the accent they use in their language is the strongest, it is very satisfying to listen to them communicating in such a peculiar language

Usef. This is the name of this stylish city, it is open, has a lot of space between the stunning houses, and there is a lot of style with golden patterns and twists in the most peculiar ways. However, i stayed over at the most luxurious hotel, carol hotel. It is the most expensive hotel, however a £1 is worth up to 10,000x! (This hotel is 40000x, VERY expensive, and the permit is permanent.)

Usef is a friendly village, and some houses go across the shore, where the water is turquoise and luxurious. It was absolutely amazing. However, amazing is recognised as a curse word and is a term for a stupid person. So I just said: Splendid, spend in their language sadly. I hear the waves in the. Shore, as it is nearly always sunny in the island, somehow the sun timing is different as if I am on another planet that has a different clock. Funnily enough, it's 38 hours in a day.

I found this book in the library, it does not exist, I've never heard of it. However, I will use the cloning machine that the islanders gave me to sell the book and make profit. Next to river sharia, this book is famous for its moral, that you shouldn't be greedy. This book is also sold for 100x as it is even rarer here in Oceania. Although they have a cloning machine, they require a human to operate,. Now I'm here, everyone is celebrating as there is many other things that the oceanic men and women and children need. Like cooking chicken, that a generation has never really tried before. It is amazing the power—the pros and cons a human have compared to the oceanic.

The western water resovouir.

This is probably my saddest place, as this is where my wondrous adventure went to an abrupt stop! I was checking on the moors of the yacht, as my other men came with me. (Luckily.)

Then, we fell into deep water, as we panicked, we turned to see the island had started to fly away, the flying saucer underneath with a plate attaching the three islands. Bye Oceana! Hope we meet again... AND THE BEST THING ABOUT THIS BOOK WAS THE IDEA CAME IS NOT THE BEST IDEA OF ALL OF US BUT I THINK IT'S THE BEST IDEA FOR IT BECAUSE THE BOOK HAS NO REASON TO THINK THAT IT WOULD HAVE TO BE THE ONLY THING TO DO BECAUSE I THINK IT WOULD HAVE CAME A LOT MORE TO SAY ABOUT HERSELF than to think about how they would be a better mother

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Xavier Teelucksingh

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