La Lucana invites guests to take part in an all inclusive, unique and immersive experience that sees them staying at a beautiful agriturismo farm with an Italian family and experiencing a range of cultural and culinary experiences that take them deep into Lucanian and Southern Italian culture. Our day trips include either staying at our farm for the day, which is surrounded by olive groves, orange trees and a WWF protected nature reserve, complete with a stunning reservoir. You can also visit some of the even more hidden gems in the heart of Basilicata. Our Day Trips also include full transportation for the day (including pick up and return to the centre of Matera), lunch (including water, tea/coffee, wine and beer), the described activities/day trips, access to our beautiful swimming pool (summer months), 2 translators to aid in the activities and above everything, the warmth of our family and our hearts. La Lucana will let guests discover an Italy Undisturbed, with opportunities to visit special places in Basilicata, meet local people and eat organic, zero kilometre, farm to table food.

Price for Day Trips:

2-3 people: €350.00 per person

4-5 people: €300 per person

6 or more people: €250.00 per person

Guests can choose any 2 activities for their day trip.

We pick our guests up from the centre of Matera and take the 15 minute drive to our farm. Once there, we give our guests a tour of the farm and some of our history. Each day trip includes lunch (antipasti, primo, secondo, fruit, dessert, digestive & coffee) at our farm (including water, wine, beer and soft drinks). Our Day Trips also include transportation back to the centre of Matera.


We’ll welcome our good friend Antonio to the farm who will demonstrate the fine art of making mozzarella and fresh Southern Italian cheeses. Antonio is a ‘Casro’ (cheese-maker) with over 40 years of experience and he’ll lead guests through this special demonstration, learning all the secrets to creating this famous culinary delight.


Guests will get the chance to learn how to make typical Southern pasta like orecchiette and cavatelli and they’ll learn it from a local pasta maker from a nearby village. This fun hands-on lesson might be harder than it looks but it’s a unique experience!


The ‘Mamma’ of our family will lead guests through a private cooking lesson where they will learn some of the secrets of Southern Italian cooking. From the famous ‘parmigiano’ to the most amazing meatballs, guests will learn techniques and recipes that they can take back home to wow their friends and family with.


Guests will take a tour of the olive groves and learn all about how we maintain and grow our 3000 trees. They’ll learn all about the traditional and modern techniques for picking the olives and even get to have a go themselves. Then, we’ll take the short 10 minute journey to our local olive press where the guests will be given a tour and shown everything there is to know about producing olive oil. They’ll also learn how to taste olive oil themselves.


We’ll welcome a local ‘sommelier’ (wine expert) to our farm who will join our guests on our terrace (or in our restaurant) and lead them through the tastes of Basilicata. Guests will learn all about our grapes and taste a range of local wines with their very own expert.


Ghost towns, ancient villages and medieval towns. Discover a more authentic side to Italy as we take you right into the heart of Basilicata. We'll take you for a guided tour of the mysterious ghost town of Craco, venture up to the mountain topped ancient Saracen village of Rabatana and also explore the local village of Miglionico, to really get a flavour of local life here in Basilicata.


Journey to Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, set amongst majestic mountains and lush scenery and explore yet another side to the wonder that is Basilicata. Often voted as some of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy, this trip offers a rare opportunity for English speaking travellers to visit one of Italy's best kept secrets.

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