Art + AI An immersive and interactive Virtual Gallery and Magazine

Art+AI is an interactive online magazine, a space to share interdisciplinary perspectives on Artificial Intelligence (AI): scientific, artistic, social and philosophical. It allies the expertise of research, creatives and civil society. The content is curated to discover AI and new technologies’ ethical and social implications through the Arts and Solutions Journalism. Art+AI inspires a leap toward inclusive and sustainable Digital Futures.

The platform integrates immersive experiences, collaborative documentaries and a virtual art gallery where artists, leaders, critical thinkers, change makers share vibrant dialogues and critical perspectives on AI.

The Art Impact Gallery is an application designed to facilitate engagement with artists and cultural workers on AI’s potential. Through this interactive platform, citizens can explore the works of artists such as images, voices and video, leave feedback and receive replies. It strengthens a growing collective of artists across Canada, amplifies their voices on AI, and facilitates the discoverability of cultural initiatives exploring AI through a diverse scope of practices.

The AR/VR augmented space is designed to support sharing of resources, knowledge and contribute to a collective envisioning of our futures.

The exciting early stages of development of the Art + AI platform, including both the application (immersive and interactive virtual gallery) and the interactive web based magazine, has been made possible thanks to partial funding from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Applied Perception Lab led by Marth Kersten-Oertel, at Concordia University. In October 2020, the Montreal Arts Council has generously added their support.

With your support, we look forward to furthering our collaborations with our vibrant network of artists, thought leaders and researchers in Canada and around the world.

This project is lead by Valentine Goddard, a lawyer, mediator, inter-arts curator and artist. She is the founder and executive director of AI Impact Alliance, an independent non-profit organization operating globally, whose mission is to facilitate an ethical and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence. AI Impact Alliance has a deep network in the field of the Arts, AI and AI ethics here in Canada and around the world.

She is a member of the United Nations Expert Groups on The Role of Public Institutions in the Transformative Impact of New Technologies, and on a “Socially just transition towards sustainable development: The role of digital technologies on social development and well-being of all”. Ms. Goddard sits on several committees related to the ethical and social impact of AI, contributing to public policy recommendations related to the ethical and normative framework of AI, while being regularly invited to speak at international conferences.

In her multidisciplinary and applied approach to the ethics of AI, she places special emphasis on human dignity, having initiated throughout her career cultural and social mediation projects for human rights education. She is a board member of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Your generosity can successfully help us complete the Art + AI Interactive Gallery and Magazine.

Using ATTGans to interpret text to image, Valentine has created a series of AI Art pieces that interrogate biases in the resulting visual interpretation, augment artists' voices on AI, and illustrate poetic algorithmic outcomes.
The Art + AI platform integrates both academic research, action and arts-based research, critical design, traditional and digital art using or interrogating AI's every dimensions.

The Art + AI platform emphasizes the key role the Arts have in the future of AI.

Artists, cultural workers and creatives leaders can, and are:

• Contributing to the Transparency of AI by facilitating an ongoing informed, inclusive dialogue about AI and its implications for all communities.

• Helping citizens understand algorithmic logic and the implications of AI technologies, both potential and risks, and envision our futures.

• Acting as a driving force towards informed and legitimate AI policies, and contribute to democratic processes in the adoption of ethical and regulatory guidelines about AI’s development and governance.

• Assisting the progress of a societal growth that is necessary to keep up with the rapid implementation of AI in everyday applications. For example, the most important skills of the future are creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

• Shaping the use of AI towards improvements in human rights by engaging diverse publics on issues such as gender bias, racial profiling, surveillance.

The recommendations in the Art Impact Report resulted in international public policies underscoring the important role of the Arts in Digital Governance.

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