Geological time by: isabel


Archean began 2.5 billion years ago and ended 542.0 million years ago. The atmosphere was mainly carbon dioxide with very little oxygen in it. Around the beginning of the Archaean Eon, the earliest living cells formed on Earth. Once a lot of cells were photosynthesizing there started to be more and more oxygen on Earth. But during the Archaean Eon almost none of that oxygen was in the atmosphere.


The Paleozoic Era took place around 542.0 to 251.0 mya.


Gymnosperms were the dominant plant. During the Permian, there were many animals, including Edaphosaurus, Dimetrodon, and other pelycosaurs; Eryops, Diplocaulus, archosaurs, amphibians, fish, and lots of invertebrates.


There were metazoan phylum, sponge spicules, probable worm tubes, coralline red algae, and dasyclad green algae all flourished during this time period

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