Tropical Rainforest Braden Watts

Biotic Factors: The tropical rainforest consists of many biotic features, including many animals. some of those animals include pythons, toucans (like shown in the picture), and baboons.
More Biotic Factors: The tropical rainforest's biotic features also include many different plant species. Some of those unique plants are lianas, epiphytes, and bromeliads.
The tropical rainforest is located in low latitudes, near the equator. it Is very hot, and has little to no winter.
There are some economical issues about the tropical rainforest though, as it is being destroyed by humans. It used to take up 12 percent of the earth's land surface, but now it only takes up 7 percent of the earth's surface.
Animal adaptations: There are many adaptations required by animals for living in this biome. Some animals have striped patterns on their skin, fur, hair, scales, or other forms of outer layers to camouflage them from predators or to perform a sneak attack on prey.
Plant adaptations: There are many adaptations required by plants to live in this biome. Some plants have "Drip tips" on their leaves to let excess water run off because of the high amounts of precipitation.
There are many predator-prey relationships in the rainforest as there are many plants and animals. An example of a predator-prey relationship would be the ant eater and the ant. the ant eater is striving for food, and the ant is striving to live to eat another leaf.
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