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Good citizens respect laws. All citizens can vote but good citizens vote and stay informed on the issues. Good citizens pay taxes to help the government to pay for services. Good citizens volunteer in their community and they work hard. They go to jury duty to keep the democracy strong. Good citizens take responsibility for their actions.

There are many different styles of government and representative democracy is the best for many different reasons. In all of the different forms of government someone is in charge and representative democracy people vote for people who are knowledgeable and can run their country and make it great. It’s is better to elect representatives because if all of the citizens worked day to day in our government making laws that would be way too many laws for our society to follow. Unlike in direct democracy representative democracy's has a constitution so that if a president is having trouble running the country they can refer to the constitution, which is basically a rule book. It is read to learn how to run their country. A president is one of the leaders to elect. People have a voice in their government. They can send letters to complain. In conclusion, with the evidence shown representative democracy is the most effective type of government.

Centrifugal forces can make a Supranational cooperation really difficult. The countries in the EU all have different languages making it hard to communicate. Most of the countries having different languages allows them to have national pride and cultural identity for their own country instead of having pride in the EU. The EU has no national language making it hard to united the European Union as a one nation. Most of the countries having different languages allows them to have national pride and cultural identity for their own country instead of having pride in the EU. The nations within the EU do not always agree what to do with their money. The western part of Europe is a lot wealthier than the eastern part. The western part could spend their money on different thing than the eastern part because most of the east are barely getting the basic needs met while the west can spend their money on whatever they want because they can supply all of the basic needs and other want for there whole family. Companies in the west want to move their companies to the east because they don't have to pay their workers as much. With all of the examples given above, having a supranational cooperation makes centrifugal forces.

How do people adapt to living in the desert? People adapt to living in the desert in many different ways. One adaptation is living in a tent.Oftentimes, people are nomadic herders in the desert. Nomadic herders have to move around a lot because they have a lot of livestock and they have to keep the animals healthy by moving from grassland to grassland for food. Another adaption is is planting crops in the sahel. Planting millet and sorghum are very good because they grow well in dry places. It is good to grow crops in a dry area with not many resources because you could trade it for more useful items. There are many ways people in the desert can adapt to the desert climate.

Having a valuable resource such as crude oil a nonrenewable resource can affect a region negatively. Everyone wants crude oil a nonrenewable resource and are willing to fight for it. Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein during 1979 to 2003 attempted to take Kuwait's oil reserve posing a problem to oil exporting countries and oil importing countries. He wanted to take all of the oil reserves for his benefit. Another reason why oil negatively affects a region is because it has not ended poverty and only help those in power. (Government). A country called Yemen has about 1% oil reserves which doesn't help the poor people in the country. This is due to little oil and a large population density. Saddam Hussein also didn't help his country or Iraq because he used valuable oil money to fight wars, create army's, and buy weapons. Even though oil has made people rich, it doesn't make everyone rich because it's a non renewable resource.

This is an oil reserve


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