End Hunger! by carson magno

Hunger means the compelling need or desire for food or the painful sensation or state of weakness caused by the need for food.

Hunger is worst in Sub-Saharah Africa, 23.8% of the population is starving. Caribbean, 20% of the population. Southern Asia, 15.8%. without India its 17.3. Eastern Asia 10.8 but without china its 13.5%. Southeastern Asia 10.3%. In all 805 million people in the world is going hungry.

The reason we need to end hunger is because the human body needs specific needs in food. If we have no food or water, our bodies will slowly and painfully denigrate for the need for food. If we don't solve this world problem the human race will soon die out.

Causes of hunger is lack of nutrients in the soil,lack of rain, and way too much sunlight, if we have no plants then we have no animals, and if we have no animals then we have no protein. Then we have no food at all, To summarize, no rain=no plants=no animals=no food=death plan and simple.

In 2009 president Obama committed 3.5 billion dollars to end hunger and extreme poverty. The initiative has reached 12.5 million children improved nutrition to ensure they have food to fuel their minds and body. The Peace Corps is an organization to help end hunger. They travel around the world were hunger is worst. you have to go through a three month trial(training) then you be deported to your signed area were you stay for two years. You do get paid, buts its very little and you have to pay for the plan ticket to take you to your signed area.

The United Nations are trying to work together by setting up organizations like the "Hunger Project" . They are a non profit organization, their mission is to end hunger in Africa, Southern Asia and Latin America. They are mobilizing damaged villages, they were founded in 1977 by Werner Erchard, John Denver, and Robert .W. Fuller in California. Their headquarters is in New York City with 118 employees.

To summarize, 805 million people are suffering and dying from hunger. The actions are being taken, but not fast enough.

My idea to help end hunger is.... Sense my dad works at a wast water plant he brings home human wast fertilizer. and it works magnificently. I was thinking, if he shipps a lot of fertilizer to the area that needs it. We could use that as nutrition in the soil. And i could teach them how to make it. Anyway for water we could all work together to boil and clean water, even salt water! And we could continue to send food. Maybe even send live stock so they can start their own farm!! I could also teach them how to cook properly and safely.


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