Zucchini Kill Bakery Rebrand


Zucchini Kill is a bakery located in Austin, TX. They make and sell 100% vegan and gluten free baked goods. They are powerd by all female musicians.

The former logo was directly inspired by the feminist punk band they named their bakery after, 'Bikini Kill'. And although I thought this was clever, I felt that their brand would be more successful if they had a logo that was unique to them


I set out to build an identity that played homage to the bakery's punk and feminist inspired roots while trying to maintain a clean, consistent brand.

I looked at a lot of old xerox styled posters and a lot of more recent edgy designs. I loved the skulls and bright vivid, punchy colors incorporated together.
Some rough sketches of concepts/ideas
After attempting to create skull-themed treats, and play with type in illustrator, I picked a direction and ran with it. It was a challenge at first to get the frosting to not look like a pink poop emoji.
A closer study on the cupcake skull helped me to even out the stroke and narrow it to a color group that I felt played homage to vibrant punk colors but dialed it back a tad to make it more usuable in a logo.
Created By
Abby Broekhuizen


Abby Broekhuizen

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