I got slime... now what? By Adam Gockley

The Swirl

C'mon, you see it everywhere on Instagram. People play with their perfectly coiled up slime. "How do you even make it like that?" well, I'll show you.

This is how slime is commonly shown

Step 1:

First, stretch out your slime into a long string piece.

Step 2:

Fold the long piece of slime in half. This gives it the creases and lines.

Step 3:

You will now have another long piece like you started with, but with a crease. Repeat steps one and two as many times as you would like. The more you do it, the more lines you get.

Step 4:

Start to begin the swirl. You will hold it at one end and let the other touch the surface. Let the slime fall down on itself into a spiral. To get it just right, you can practice a few times.

And Voila! Now go show off the slime!

Other things to do:

You can do anything you want with your slime, but you can poke it, pop it, use a straw to blow bubbles in it, use it to clean tight spaces and stretch it!

Storage and MAintenance:

Whenever you aren't playing with your slime, make sure to keep it in a plastic bag or container. Do not leave it open as it might dry out. If you are sure to do this, it will never go bad!

Don't do this!
Don't do this!
Keep it in it's air tight container!

We recommend washing your hands after playing with it. It contains borax, a light base that could potentially give you a rash if you excessively touch it.

We would appreciate so much if you would leave your thoughts on the slime on our survey. Thank You! The code is: 17522

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