Little Big Horn By: Kelly, Carly, and Reanne

Who: George Armstrong Custer (Lieutenant), Lakota Sioux, and Cheyenne warriors.

What: It was the most successful battle fought by the American Indians against the United States army in the west, but it was not victorious for the Indians because in the end, the Whites settle there anyway.

When: June 25, 1876

Where: Near the little bighorn river in Montana territory

Why: It happened because tribes wouldn't leave their land when gold was discovered. Tension grew between the Native Americans and the U.S Army. Custer and his 7th army were going to force them off into reservation.

Short Story: little Big Horn


June 25- Custer's 600 men entered the Little Big horn Valley.

Custer and 200 men in his battalion were attacked by as many as 3,000 Native Americans; within an hour, Custer and all of his soldiers were dead.

Little Big Horn was also called "Custer last stand"

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