Tomi Lahren: Making a career complaining about complaining, and even more hypocrisy By: Madison Sell

It’s the night of the Superbowl, and while some like the sport, some like the commercials and some like the halftime show, eyes were searching for the political references in all of the above. Especially Tomi Lahren, a conservative political commentator who speaks on The Blaze, and quite literally makes her career by posting rants on Twitter and yelling about "the Left". She tweets her plea to Lady Gaga, “Show up in an egg or a meat dress or whatever just for the love of god, don’t make it political,” while simultaneously giving Joy Villa props for sporting her “Make America Great Again” dress, “melting all of the snowflakes in Hollywood.”

This is just one of the first ironic incidents of Lahren’s career, which pales in comparison to the hypocrisy of her entire profession. She posts videos of her, physically shaking while yelling about the “Intolerant and Unloving Left”, and how they should just “get over it”, accusing the entire left of being whiny, while her profession consists entirely of speaking for hours about her opinion, which centers primarily around complaining rather than offering solutions.

As it protects yours (hypocrisy, yet again).

Instead of trying to offer new insight or genuinely discuss news, she spends hours pointing fingers and remaining negative. In fact, I have yet to see one positive segment on her entire social media. Even when someone does something that she supports, she still manages to find an angle that is hateful, negative, and unnecessary, all because the person is a democrat. Instead of applauding Beyonce for her dedication to women’s rights, which she so often declares to be fond of, she mocks her for being a performer and “shaking her butt at the Superbowl”, and attacks her regularly as if insulting a role model for many democrats, and a singer, is how she should spend her time as a political commentator. In fact, most of her time and energy is being spent in the wrong place and in the wrong form. As a political commentator, should you really be complaining about everyday individual citizens and their beliefs? Or should you be discussing policy of your own platform? Still she manages to perpetuate her hypocrisy by asking the left to speak in remembrance of 5 dead police officers in the midst of something that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue, while she herself fails to mention in any circumstance the injustice suffered by African Americans, Muslims, women, and others in a situation that would be suitable.

Speaking of such suitable situations, she manages to steep even lower when she decided to denounce the revolutionary Women’s March on Washington. Whether you support the feminist movement or not, which Tomi claims to, it is hard to deny the Women's’ March’s significance. In the aftermath of a march, the tone of which reeked of positivity and acceptance of all women, she goes to tell the 1% of the U.S. that marched not to be fooled, and that we aren’t actually doing anything unless “we are willing to meet with and talk to the President of the United States”. Please, Tomi, tell me which one of those marchers would not be thrilled to have a one-on-one sit down with the president to urge him that feminism is important. How do you suggest we set up a meeting?

Not only is her attempt to attack the march so insanely off base that it is comical, her hypocrisy strikes once again, as if she is so open to discussion with democrats and does not resort to a defense mechanism of attacking them in a public forum. Remember that it's easy to mock a movement when you have little to no understanding of what it actually represents.

And with this I am actually disappointed, because I, an avid feminist, love the concept of powerful women in male dominated fields. But Tomi Lahren, you have let me down severely. This is not about you being a republican and me being a democrat, either, which would probably be your response (maybe call me a snowflake?). This is about you being a hypocrite and an overall negative person when you have the opportunity to be so much more.

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