Artis lane was born in Ontario,Canada 1927 and in North Buxton which is a rural community on May 14. When Artis lane became at the age of 15 she used her art skills to paint pictures of her classmates. After she was awarded a scholarship to the Ontario college of art in Toronto.


Artist Lane has been recognized for all her drawings, sculpting, painting pictures, printmaker and for all her artwork she has done. she accomplished her goals by practicing and practicing art from her childhood until now.


Artis Lanes family

Artis Lane was married to Bill Lane who is a journalist and have 5 kids.

One of Artis Lanes daughter

Remembered for

well Artis Lane is remembered for all these things she has painted and her sculpting. she has a talent to paint such beautiful pictures. she is such a good painter.

why I chose this person

I chose Artis Lane because when I grow up I want to be an artist and I also chose this person so I can know more things about art and I wanted to see her paintings.

Interesting Facts

Did you know ....

  • Artis Lane painted about 30 or more pictures. she has painted alot wow that is a lot and I mean it.
  • At the age of 4 she made dolls and creative things with clay.
  • When she was 15 years old she won the Canadian portraiture award.
  • She is currently 90 years old isn't that amazing.
  • In 2007 Artis lane was honored for the California African american museum with a retrospective of her life work.


  1. retrospective: something is on display
  2. Print-maker: a person who makes pictures or designs
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