Quad front By kyann


Do you like to flip this is the flipping place for you SO LET’S GET STARTED!!!!Do you like to flip this is the fling place for you.

Can you guess what it is

It is a quad front!!!!!a quad front is a type of flip and you can do many flips but this is all about one and only one flip and it is a very very hard flip it is a quad front and here’s a very very important thing in flip’s history it is the famous tuck and there is only three flip’s in the whole wide world there names are gainer,back full and front full these are the only flips that don’t have tuck and try a quad front on a trampoline before you do it on a mattress.

Just tuck

You need to tuck on all kinds of flips except 3 flip if you don’t tuck on a quad front you will not feel as good as you were before you did the quad front. Tuck is hard

You don’t think you need to but you really badly need to. The smaller you are the faster you go.You will land it some day you will finally land it but you will have to practice a lot of practice to get use to tuck.

Once you jump high it is time to do a flip and tuck and if you have a trampoline that is not bounce cross the springs but if your trampoline springs length is not enough they will SNAP so don’t TRY IT WITHOUT YOU MOTHER AND FATHER'S PREMION and if you do it a falte.

If you what to learn how to flip you will need to go easy to hard to harder to the hardest and 1 day you will flip like tanner brungard HE IS THE BEST FLIPPER IN THE WORLD you should go and check out his channel and subscribe if you want to and subscribe to my friends he is a flipper even so there are a lot of flip in the world there might be some that we haven't found out et so you can do things to find out that what we know and what we don’t and tell everyone how to and eh I don’t know how to do a backflip I only know how to do a front flip and no other flip and when I try to do a backflip I go over my shoulder and I never will do it correctly and few I land on my stomach and not on my face


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