Welcome to the Foundation Diploma Art and Design end of year show.

The following are a range of work from current students and examples of work from previous years.

On the course students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of media and techniques which have included the following pathways-

Fine Art, Mixed Media, Print, Ceramics, Sculpture, Graphics,Textiles/ Fashion, Photography and Animation.

The 1 year course is designed to allow the student to develop a portfolio of work to experience new concepts, develop the learner personally in order to progress onto University or an art based career.

The following is an overview or recent and historical work.

We are very proud of the commitment and motivation our students have displayed throughout their final months of their course.

Reyhaneh Babaei FMP- FOREIGNERS I wanted to have an opportunity to produce work based on my very own life and produce work from my own perspective. This year the FMP was my last chance to speak out. With the current situation in the world and forced to work at home, I had to change my idea ,I never thought that I would end up with set design, but it helped me to create some small scale designs which was both challenging and also helped me to explore some interior design based outcomes. I started with a wide range of research of mental and physical effects on people who had been forced to leave their own country and their awful situations around the world. From personal experience it has thought me to be more independent and still be able to work with limited material. Throughout this project I used different techniques and materials as much as I could . This project means a lot to me, because it’s based on my experience . I wanted my pieces to represent some of the pain that I’ve been through and the feeling of being under pressure and carrying a heavy load “ Foreigners “.

Urban Environment

Cameron's final piece is a card model that represents urban environments and architectural structures of historical interest

During this one-year Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course I have prepared myself for my course in Illustration at University. Due to me having studied three science A-levels over the course of two years at my previous college after leaving high school, I needed to get myself back into the flow as working as an artist in a student environment as well as get a qualification that would get me into university without taking several years. Over the span of this year I have become used to working on a project from its planning stages to its final piece which requires a lot of concentration and patience. Working on a project based on a proposal given to me has helped me learn what will be expected of me if I want to pursue a career as an artist working for a company and prepared me for student life at university. Compared to when I was studying art in high school, I think that I have matured a lot thanks to the freedom to try out different things at college. This has helped me find myself as an artist and decide which university course I would apply for. The freedom to take a project forward myself and develop different ideas is a factor that I have enjoyed very much whilst studying at Wigan and Leigh College. There are many different things to explore, such as life drawing, printing, textiles and ceramics which aren’t always available at other institutions and doing all of these things is something that I very much enjoyed spending my time doing. In the future I will be attending University at UCLAN studying a course on Illustration, there I will be trying to set myself up as an artist in the business world and learn exactly how working as an artist goes. A main goal for me is to be able to set up my own shop selling my artwork and products that have my work on them and become a self-sustaining business doing what I enjoy most.

Greek Mythology and Death​

My final piece is an A2 mixed media illustration of a young adult man is a portrait style showing the head and shoulders. Part of the face and shoulders have been replaced with a skeleton to show that death is a natural occurrence and a part of us since every second hundreds of thousands of cells in our body and are then replaced. In the illustration the man is crying to represent the emotions we commonly tie with death such as sadness and mourning despite it being a completely natural occurrence.

Examples of work from a previous project

I have a strong interest in textiles and surface design which I wanted to show through my work by developing my skills further and creating high quality, professional prints and products. Throughout my project I wanted to become more skilled within the areas I was specialising in which would aid me in the future as well as create vibrant, interesting work which would work well in the textile and surface design industry. I started by researching about the farming industry particularly the fruit and vegetable produce. This is a huge area with a lot of different elements both in the past and with the current climate. I found out that farming, especially the fruit and vegetable element, is huge within Britain. I have been able to see connections between both campaigns applied in the past to ones that have been put in place during the Coronavirus pandemic. Also, it has opened my eyes not only to how much of the different types of produce get wasted but how popular they are at the same time.


My pieces are current products which people use every day that are completed to a high standard with a wide range of colour and designs involved within them. They have elements of both ‘perfect’ produce and ‘irregular’ produce which is looked during the sales of the crops. I wanted my pieces to represent how big the fruit and vegetable industry is which is affected every day in one way or another. I also wanted to be able to show the skills I have learnt and developed further throughout this project.