"We were a group of women (mostly 50+). We broke the Camino into 3 Phases of 5 days each. Each phase was unique and was well orchestrated by Fabian and his team. I am typically a planner who needs to be a part of every detail, but it was so nice just going along on the journey and experiencing the entire trail knowing that ViaLig A-Team had it covered!" Denice May Key, United States, Resident in Costa Rica
"ViaLig created situations that you cannot replicate. You cannot plan these amazing experiences without someone like Fabian and his team" Andrew Jeffrey Taylor, Seattle, W.A.
"Such great memories. We were so fortunate to have been able to take part in the Camino. I do hope many more get the chance to do it. So, Costa Rica team... keep up your enthusiasm" Maaike Dijkstra, Carambeí, Brazil

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ViaLig Journeys is the key of exploring an amazing country in its different contexts in Central America: Costa Rica. ViaLig Journeys designs the best experiences you could have in your life.

Come visit our country and be immerse in our rural international programs, or take the best opportunity of sharing with locals in small entrepreneurships rural business.

Also, ViaLig Journeys designs the most wonderful Coast to Coast hike: El Camino de Costa, a 17 days or less hike, crossing Costa Rica from our Caribbean Coast to our Pacific Coast; the best way of spending time in our country, visiting different small rural villages, indigenous lands, and enjoying beautiful landscapes far away from the conventional tourism.

Costa Rican Rural Roads


Hiking Trips and Educational Trips

El Camino de Costa Rica

280km from our Caribbean to the Pacific

ViaLig Journeys presents you a unique hiking initiative through El Camino de Costa Rica. The hike crosses Costa Rica on foot, leaving the Caribbean coast from Barra de Parismina and reaching the Pacific coast in the Quepos area. The route was designed to encourage rural tourism in areas away from traditional touristical areas and to provide a unique opportunity for visitors to get to know rural communities, enjoy nature while walking through mountains and forests appreciating the great biodiversity, and to live the cultural attractions, sharing with the inhabitants along the hiking route.

ViaLig Journeys contributes to El Camino concept through new tourist destinations while providing, guides, information, security, local gastronomic options, lodging and cultural attractions.

The total distance is around 280-300 kilometers. The distances per day range from 10 to 30 kilometers. El Camino was designed to walk in 17 days but can be done in less time. You can also do El Camino using transfers, skipping some places and walking others or by Sections: CARIBBEAN SECTOR, CENTRAL SECTOR AND PACIFIC SECTOR.

El Camino can be personalized, according to the interests of the people, time available and estimated budget.

Luxury Trips

Hike El Camino de Costa Rica. Enjoy in a luxury trip. Walk through mountains and forests appreciating the great biodiversity, and to live the cultural attractions, sharing with the inhabitants along the hiking route.

The Whole Camino

Cross Costa Rica from Caribbean to the Pacific by foot. 280 km in 10, 12 or 14 days.

El Camino by Sectors

Few days to enjoy Costa Rica. Take the option that works for you: Caribbean Sector, Central Sector or Pacific Sector.

Educational Programs

There is a small village in Costa Rica: Pacayitas. It is an open classroom full of unique experiences.

Travelling is essential in your education. It increases your knowledge and widens your intellect. Travelling to different places, come in to talk with locals, enjoying different regions, traditions, cultures and ways of life means the best way of learning.

ViaLig Journeys designs the best student travel programs for middle school, high school, and college students. The programs are: Community Service, Community Development and Rural Life, Soccer Camp and Adventuring in Costa Rica, and Spanish Immersion and Global Leadership.

ViaLig involves different sectors from the community called Pacayitas, and make this place its base camp to operate the programs, providing all the logistic to have successful and significant trips.

ViaLig programs can be personalized according to the interests of the professors.

The best of us in Pacayitas is our authentic and unique love for sharing real experiences.
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