Che'leez's Goals eNGLISH 2 | PERIOD 2

My Semester Goal

By this Semester, I want to have nothing below a “B”.

I will achieve this goal by:

  • Doing all my class work/homework
  • Being prepared
  • Tuning in all my work

My English Goal

My English class goal is to be respectful, do my homework, and participate in class battles to my best ability.

I will achieve this by :

  • being ready
  • having a positive mindset during class.
  • Listening
  • Understand what I have to do

My High School Goal

"Hard work beats talent when talent does work hard."

My High School goal is to have a good GPA, get into a good college, and be more successful in basketball by starting in the Varsity game and making Varsity Volleyball.

I will achieve this goal by:

  • Keeping my grades up
  • Practice more and join club basketball and volleyball
  • Better my ball handling skills/and my serves, spikes, etc.
  • Go to all the open gyms/clinics
  • Playing to my best ability
  • Get an advanced diploma

My After High School Goal

Work hard in college have my dream job & make lots of money

After High School, I plan to move back to California and go to college out there. I’m not sure where because I’m still looking into that. But when I grow up I mainly want to either become an athletic trainer/coach, further my basketball career, or even become a teacher.

I will achieve this by:

  • Graduating with a GPA higher than an 3.0
  • Working hard
  • Get scholarships for sports and acadimics
  • Get a job so I could help pay for college
  • Also move out of state my Jr. year so It would be cheaper to go to college and I wouldn't have to pay a out of state tuition

Personal Growth

Some personal growth I want to work on is to use my time wisely, have positive mindset, try to better myself everyday, be happy, be a good role model to my family, and be successful in all my dreams/goals

I can achieve this by:

  • Really focusing on what I'm doing
  • Make bad situations into positive situations/find a resolution to my problems
  • Motivate/Help others
  • Find a way/opertunity to make my day better than it was other days
  • Go for my dreams and make sure I'm having fun
  • Learn new things/try new things that would be useful for my future
  • Have confidence in myself
  • Never give up!


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