Travel Plan for Risky Rivers The southern Bug

As an option we want to propose rafting in Mykolaivska oblast, the river Sothern Bug. The trip will take place in an unique reserve area National Park Buzhsky Gard This is a unique piece of nature with rocks, canyons and rapids in plain part of Ukraine. Migey rapids (III class) - are the most interesting rapids in this territory.


The best option will be the flight from Amsterdam to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. You can stay for the night in one of city hotels. Below you can see a few hotels with our corporate rates.

The first day

In the morning the team will start the trip to Migiya village (Mykolaivska obl) - it's around 330 km from Kiev and it will take around 4 hour to get there. After arrival to Migiya the contestant and the team stay at raft camp to have a lunch and to pick up the equipment. They get dressed for rafting, meet the guides. Than they have to go for 2,5 km by car (with kayak on the roof) to the starting point. At the starting point they will have a quick briefing with instructors. The instructor will also accompany contestants while rafting.

The Southern Bug

The Southern Bug is the second-longest river in Ukraine. The source of the river is in the west of Ukraine, in the Volyn-Podillia Upland, about 145 kilometres (90 mi) from the Polish border, from where it flows southeasterly into the Bug Estuary (Black Sea basin) through the southern steppes. It is 806 kilometres (501 mi) long and drains 63,700 square kilometres (24,600 sq mi).

The plan for the first day is rafting through the Migey rapids. This is the most interesting rapids in this part of Ukraine with the 3d level of complexity. You can see the photos of rafting in this part of river below.

On their way they can see some interesting points. For example there is an interesting Hydroelectric mill. A watermill with a dam Viktor Petrovich Skarzhinsky built according to his father's plan. Throughout the 19th century the mill was modernized several times and even rebuilt anew. But unfortunately she was badly damaged in the fire - everything burned out inside, but the walls stood firm. The mill has been restored, and has not been touched since than. !!! The remnants of the Mill form the rapid "Melnichnyi", this is the most interesting rapid on the river, class 3. The view of the whole threshold is opened from the bridge on the mill's building, so it's very convenient to shoot from there.

Also an interesting point is The Great Migeisky Island, witch appeared more than 200 years ago. It is located on the opposite side of Migaea river, in the place where Bug formed an arc that rests to the village. The Great Migeisky Island was one of the centers of the famouse uprising - Gaidamatchina (Kolyivshchyna). Here was the largest in Zaporozhye Haidamak camp - Haydamak Sich.

After that the bus will take the team up by the river back to the camp. The heroes ant the team can stay at the hotel in the village. It can be Gostiny Dvor or hotel Maetok on the river bank. Instructors live in our rafting camping in tents. Dinner at the hotel.

The office of the National Park "Buzhsky Gurd" is located in Migia, we can arrange a meeting with the employees of the park. They are environmentalists, natural scientists, biologists, and just local residents who are worried about the nature of their native land. We can also organize communication with ordinary locals.

The second day

Breakfast in the hotel. Things to be left at the hotel as the second night the heroes will spend there as well.

This day the heroes will focus on sightseeing of Migia. We can start with Radon Lake. It is a former granite quarry. In general, there are two quarries in Migei: old and new. They both turned into lakes. The new quarry flooded literally twenty years ago. The depth of the quarry at the deepest section is 23 m.

Than we can arrange swimming and rafting on the SAP on the lake, visiting the observation deck over the lake.

Than heroes can make an adventure climbing on granite rocks 20-25 m high in the tract Protich. Climbing takes place using safety systems, ropes, helmets and under the guidance of experienced mountaineering instructors. A very beautiful panorama of the river and the Integral rapid opens from the cliff.

After the sightseeing the heroes will continue the rafting along the Southern Bug. The rafting will take place on kayaks, as there will be no large rapids there. The plan is to get from Migiya to Ivanivka village (12 km)

Sights on the route

Rocks "Elephant" - outcrops of the oldest rocks on the modern surface of the earth. Such places are a rarity. Quite often there are rock formations of later periods. But "archaean" rocks only here you can see, as well as in eastern Siberia and Canada. Red granites are about 3 billion years old.

Ivanovsky Bridge - the height is more than 40 meters! This is a very popular spot for rope jumper from all over Ukraine. A wonderful view opens from the bridge and this is an excellent place for shooting the rafting.

Other sights: A mill near Khutor Lviv, Semenov rapids. The monument to the Great Patriotic War. The heroes finish the rafting on a picturesque glade near the mill. In the ending point they van visit the mill and the monument. Usually on this glade tourists spend the night in tents, there is a spring of pure water. The contestants can stay in tents or go back to hotel in Migia by minibus.

The third day

At the morning the team are having breakfast in the hotel and check-out. Than the heroes and the team are going to the next starting point by minibus. The route of the rafting is s.Ivanovka - Yuzhnoukrainsk 15 km. The end of the rafting in Yuzhnoukrainsk, in the protected tract "Gard" with visiting beautiful rocks Owl, Brahma and Pugach.

The tract of Gard. At the time of the Cossacks this place was the capital of the Bug-Garda Palanka of the Zaporozhye Nizovoy Army. Here important trade routes of the time converged, such as Black Polish (Skvortsov), Guard (Royal), Urinary Upper, Urinary Lower and Kervan-Iol, and also there was an important border point that protected the Cossack Republic from raids by the Turkish Empire.

Check-in at the hotel in Yuzhnoukrainsk. Hotel Bereginya, Dobrobut. Dinner at the hotel. The main object of the city is the South-Ukrainian NPP. We will organize a meeting and communication with the inhabitants of the city - employees of the NPP.

The fourth day

Breakfast at the hotel in Yuzhnoukrainsk. Check-out from the hotel. Travel to the unique nature reserves of the NPP "Buzhsky Gard" - Aktovsky Canyon, Arbuzinsky Canyon, Trykratsky Forest. Transfer from Yuzhnoukrainsk to canyons 35 km. The group is accompanied by a nature guide.

Places to visit: Arbuzin Canyon, Trikrat Forest. Trikratsky forest was planted in the 1870's by Skarzhinsky. Originally, the territory of the forest was a park, with a lot of paths and bridges, thrown over the branches of the river because of which it was called "Labyrinth". In the center of the forest there is a lake.

After the end of the shooting the team will get back to Kiev (395 km), approximately 5 hours by car. The team can stay at the hotel in Kiev. Next morning we will arrange the transfer to Boryspil airport.

This is an extremely interesting project and we will be happy to work on it together!

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