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Ancient text says that where needle does not work, moxibustion does. TCM theory holds that moxibustion has a dual effect of tonification and purgation. Different from needles and drugs, characteristics of moxibustion in materials and using fire warms and nourishes.

up to 364 kinds of diseases can be treated with moxibustion. The most popular indications of moxibustion therapy are malposition, diarrhea, and colitis. More common indications are urinary incontinence and dysmenorrhea; the other indications are knee osteoarthritis, temporomandibular joint disturbance syndrome, soft tissue injury, heel pain, asthma, urinary retention, and herpes zoster.

Moxibustion can also be used to treat weakness, fatigue, and aging related problems. Traditional moxibustion therapy is the most commonly used in the ancient and contemporary moxibustion clinics.

3 years Pure Handmade Moxa Rolls for Moxibustion Ai ye Chinese Wormwood

Different acupoints can cure different diseases in moxibustion, and the same acupoints can get similar results regardless of acupuncture or moxibustion.

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