Britain Invasion Are you ready for Battle

Dear citizens it is Claudius I want to tell you something our army has gone to invade Britain. Hopefully our army succeeds on their task . I hope you citizens hope that they come back safely just as much as I do which is a lot of hope .

Briton has a lot of material that we want to get our hands on such as copper , leather , tin , iron , silver , gold , wool , corn , coal and lead but I hope you think it’ll be handy to have slaves and the best part is they come from Briton .

What their land could do for us

Their field are fertile field so we can learn how to grow crops . We won’t have to take over any more lands that have fertile fields . We want a big empire but we don’t need any more countries that have fertile grounds .

Our army has a lot of power and can defeat Briton in the speed of lightning. The Celts aren’t trained warriors they are just peaceful people who grow crops. Their life depends on winning battles especially against the Celts that were just peaceful farmers .
The Celts were farmers until they got told that they have to fight against army’s that have been trained.

Can we go and get pizza 🍕


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