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Featured this week:

  • District-Wide Elementary: 5th Grade Band Students Attend Solo and Ensemble Contest.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Hines' Kindergarten Class.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Carlson's 3rd Grade Gifted and Talented Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: Major Saver Winners!
  • Franklin Elementary: Ms. Holder's Kindergarten Art Classes.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Schlawin's 3rd Grade Music Classes.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Major Saver Winners!
  • Jefferson Elementary: Mrs. Zitzow's 1st Grade Class.
  • Madison Elementary: PBIS Awards.
  • Madison Elementary: Mrs. Reinier's Reading Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!
  • McKinley Elementary: Reading Buddies.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Student Leaders Teach Cheer.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Root Beer Float Celebration!
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mr. Carlson's Third Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Ms. Meerdink's 4th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Steele's 5th Grade Class.
  • Central Middle School: Gifted/Talented Students Participate in National History Bee.
  • West Middle School: 6th Graders Meet Quad Cities Mallards!
  • West Middle School: Ms. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Classes.
  • West Middle School: 8th Graders Visit State Capitol.
  • West Middle School: Ms. Wiebe's 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Ag Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Fire Island Robotics Team.
  • Muscatine High School: Mr. Klingborg's Welding Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Ms. Mohapp's Physics Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Mrs. Kroll's Spanish 3 Class.
  • Muscatine High School: 9th Grade P.E. Classes - 9 Square!
  • East Campus: Mr. Falkena's Science Classes.


These beginning band students took solos to Middle School Solo and Ensemble Contest March 25 at West Middle School! Congrats to all participants!


Students in Mrs. Hines kindergarten class enjoyed PJ Day and Flashlight Friday. Students get to use a flashlight to read books of their choice.


Third grade gifted and talented students in Mrs. Carlson's class at Colorado participated in The Great Paper Tower Tournament this week. This contest provides students with the opportunity to use divergent thinking skills to problem solve. It also allows for students to take part in the inventing process of brainstorming and trying many different ideas. They are allowed to start over with new materials in order to try various structures.


Franklin students who sold the most Major Saver cards were treated to lunch and a limousine ride! Congratulations to the winners!


Franklin kindergarteners in Ms. Holder's art classes created clay pinch pots in art class this week!


Mrs. Schlawin's third grade music classes studied Evelyn Glennie, a professional percussionist who is deaf, and experimented with how we hear and feel music. In this experiment students tied a string around a spoon or fork and tapped it with a ruler to hear and feel the sound waves travel up the string to their ear.


Jefferson students who sold the most Major Saver cards were treated to lunch at Happy Joe's and a limousine ride! Congratulations to the winners!


Mrs. Zitzow's 1st grade class used their Journey's curriculum materials to learn through small group instruction. They are learning about the season, and the changes that occur during each one.


Madison students love PBIS and the acknowledgements!! Awesome tickets are great motivators for students!!


Students at Madison in Mrs. Reinier's reading group are working on their fluency by reading passages. Their accuracy is improving with their hard work!


McKinley 5th Graders put on a spectacular show of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! The teamwork displayed with the scene changes, sets, and cast were phenomenal!


McKinley students read with their reading buddies this week.


Mulberry student leaders taught the student body Mulberry's new cheer!


Last Friday, students at Mulberry had a root beer float celebration during their lunch. During the months of February and March, students worked hard by trying to earn 12,000 SOAR tickets for their PBIS incentive. Not only did they reach the goal, but they surpassed it, earning over 14,000 tickets! Way to go Mulberry!


Mr. Carlson's third grade class participated in the floating paper clip investigation to study the forces of magnetism and gravity.


Students in Ms. Meerdink's 4th Grade class used their reading curriculum, Journey's, to learn through whole group instruction. They are learning about endangered animals and sanctuaries.


It's March Madness in Mrs. Steele's 5th grade classroom! Students participated in a volume game on SmartBoard by counting volume.


Central Middle School GT students participated in the National History Bee this year. Students researched U.S. and World History once a week in preparation for the online school exam. Eight of those students advanced to the regional bowl in Wheaton, IL on Saturday, March 25. From there, one student scored high enough to advance to Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia, in June! Congratulations Central Chargers!


All sixth grade students who met their book report requirements for the first semester got to participate in an afternoon of fun with three players from the Quad City Mallards. The players answered questions about reading, school, growing up, and hockey, and the students each got a chance to show off their hockey skills in front of the experts.


Sixth graders in Ms. Matteson's ELA classes have been studying author's purpose and author's point of view. They worked with partners to match textual examples with each option of author's purpose, and they played the game Memory with author's point of view game pieces.


West Middle School 8th graders traveled to Des Moines to visit the Capitol and the Iowa Hall of Pride.


6th grade ag students in Ms. Wiebe's class got hands-on learning about wildlife animals and how they play a role in agriculture by exploring ducks!

7th grade ag students learned the science behind meat production through exploring and identifying different cuts (pieces) of meat.

The 7th and 8th grade ag students learned how to properly and safely interact with cattle at the AG Learning Center.


Iowa's lieutenant governor Kim Reynolds is encouraging the Muscatine High School robotics team "Fire Island Robotics" (FRC Team #6420) before their opening match on Saturday 3-24-17; day two of a three day robotics competition in Cedar Falls Iowa. Are you questioning the team's name? "Muscatine" can be translated as "Fire Island" in at least one Native American language. 😃 Your Muscatine High School robotics team was tasked with building a robot which could complete various tasks on a basketball court sized field and weighing nearly 100 pounds in only six weeks!

Check out the KWQC TV 6 video and article on the competition!


The MHS Welding classes have made 2 of these yard art/junk art birds for the Hayden Daufeldt Benefit. They had to work on Mr. Klingborg to soften him up and embrace his crafty side 😀, but he was very proud of all of the students that were eager to help design and weld these birds. (Pictured with one of the finished birds are: 11th grader, Marshall Starkweather and 9th grader, Alli Youngbauer)


Students in Ms. Mohapp's physics classes learned about electrostatics through 8 different stations today in their inquiry lab to start of the electricity unit.


MHS PE built a new game called 9-Square this week thanks to money donated by the Race for the Schools fund. We will be able to build a second one thanks to Toyota of Muscatine!


Spanish 3 students in Mrs. Kroll’s classes went on trial this past week! Students worked together to create the perfect crime. They planned all the details and became an essential character in that crime. The culminating part of the unit was the trial. Students played the role of the characters (including looking like that character) and explained themselves and then were questioned about their roles. Finally, all students guessed who did the crime. This was all done in Spanish! Students had a great time using their creativity and language skills.


East Campus science students in Mr. Falkena's classes spent the year cleaning and fixing the MCC greenhouse and are now working on their final community project. They are raising several varieties of native plants for the Muscatine Pollinator Project group. They will be planted around Muscatine to promote pollinator health and populations. The seeds were picked right around the corner at the Bridgestone-Bandag Environmental Learning Center.


A big shout out to all who submitted pictures and video this week!

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