Tour of the Florida Museum of Natural History Shannon Murphy

Nature on Display

My favorite exhibit at the Natural History Museum by far was the Butterfly Exhibit. It was so cool to be able to walk through a real garden and see these beautiful creatures flying all around you. Most other exhibits are slightly boring with fake animals and plants. The Butterfly Garden was such an interesting experience, I could even get up close to the butterflies! I also enjoy beautiful and calm atmosphere, which is exactly what this exhibit was. I could just sit and watch the nature around me. There is no way I would have been able to feel that same sensation if that exhibit was just created with props instead.

Nature and ethics

Several of the exhibits displayed different types of ecosystems with very lifelike replications of the landscape. The realistic displays allowed for me to have a sense of connection to nature. Conservation efforts to improve our ecosystems are so necessary and important. In the Estuary exhibit where this photo was taken, I read a lot about Everglade, hammock, dune and coral conservation. My hometown is composed of many estuaries and moving through this exhibit reminded me of when I was young and learning all about different types of ecosystems. My visit reminded me that we must always put forth conservation efforts to protect our environment.

Nature and the human spirit

This exhibit features stalagmites and stalactites, found in caves. I have been in caves like these twice before and this exhibit was certainly very close to looking like the real thing! The cave walls and stalagmite formations really looked like the actual thing. Along with the darkness and being completely surrounded by rock it was almost like being back in the caves. I think it's pretty incredible that our planet can have such treasures deep underground yet also unfortunate not everyone will get it experience it. Earth's caves, home to the stalagmite and stalactite formations are an example of how both mysterious and majestic the natural world is.

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