Virtual el recorrdio de España By josh bickmeir


Spain is located in south-west Europe. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and the Balearic Sea, with some islands. Spain has lots of medieval architecture still standing to this day. The scenery is beautiful, and the sights even more so. Fun Fact: One of the first people to set foot in America was a Spanish explorer by the name of Francisco Coronado.


Barcelona is one of Spain's most unique cities, with amazing architecture. The people of Barcelona are huge soccer fans, they even have a museum dedicated to Real Madrid, which is one of the largest in the world! There are many things to do, including a full or half-day tour of the city, hiking, and biking through the city! Fun Fact: The architect that designed most of Barcelona was named Barcelona Gaudi, so the city was named after him. This city has many points of interest, and most of them were designed by Gaudi.


Madrid is the capitol of Spain. It's sights are truly some to see, and the sunsets are even more amazing. Madrid is massive, with several city squares, and castles. The architecture is unique and interesting, mostly spires towering into the sky, or domed buildings low to the ground. There are several art galleries, such as Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, featuring Spanish artists from all over the globe. There are several tours all around Madrid, even a segway tour! Fun Fact: Madrid is 650 meters above sea level, making it the tallest city in Europe.


Ibiza is located off the coast of Spain, approximately 184.9 km from shore. It offers many tours, such as moped riding along the shore, or going off road with ATV's. You can para-sail high above the waves, or go on a speedboat excursion. The water is crystal clear, and the 79 degrees heat makes it a perfect beach day. Fun Fact: A musician named Mike Posner made a song called "I Took A Pill Ibiza." It blew up the internet!


Salamanca is city based on Renaissance architecture. It is made mostly out of sandstone, and is sun bathed almost the entire year round. They have food from countries all around, like Italy. You can take walking tours, or go by moped if you so desire. Plaza Mayor, a huge square in the city, is considered to be the most beautiful. People will spend hours on end walking around or looking at the huge castle. Plaza Mayor is lit up with dazzling lights and sometimes fire works. Fun Fact: The city is actually located on a mountain, surrounded by the Tormes River.

Quiz Time!

1. Who designed most of Barcelona?

2. Which city had a huge museum dedicated to Real Madrid?

3. Who was one of the first explorers to set foot in America?

4. Does Spain have modern or mid-evil architecture?

5. Mike Posner made his song about what country?

6. What city is the capitol of Spain?

7. Which city square is arguably the best, and is lit up at night?

8. Which city offers food from many cultures and countries?

9. Which is the tallest city in Europe

10. Where is Spain located, and what seas surround it?


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