Oakfield News Issue 53 20th March 2020

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Reflections from our Head

We have 6 Cs we look to engender across everything we do here here at Oakfield: Courage, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity, Challenge and Care. They are characteristics and values we hold incredibly dear, but today I want to focus on another C, which is hugely important, perhaps now more than ever: Connection.

We are globally connected like never before but this has not replaced our deep, human need for connections on a local level; with our friends, our family and others in our community. At a time like now where many are physically or socially isolated it is vital to reach out and keep all our connections strong and vibrant. Even if communication cannot be in person (and increasingly, sadly, it cannot) supportive messages, phone calls, and offers of help can forge stronger connections, as well as new ones.

It was truly heartwarming this week to see the letters that Oakfield children wrote for essential NHS staff working tirelessly in hospitals for those in need. By the same token thank you to all the parents and carers who have donated so selflessly to the local food banks at this most difficult of times (see photos below).

As a school we endeavour to support and connect with all our Oakfield families both through the bright, sunny days and the grey, stormy days. And while we cannot control the weather our Oakfield community is made of strong foundations and profound connections which will see us all through to when the blue skies return overhead.

Moyra Thompson

The generous food bank donations were gratefully received.
Cards and letters from our children for NHS staff which were massively appreciated.


Friday morning saw an impromptu performance at the school gates by Mr Howes and the Minims. Scores of watching parents and children enjoyed the rendition of songs both old and new (a snippet of which we will put on our YouTube channel and many of which may appear on a future Oakfield Acoustic Sessions LP).

Thank you so much to the performers and audience alike. It felt like a truly wonderful Oakfield moment and let us be certain that there will be many more wonderful moments to come.

More than a few minims of joy to lift the spirits!


Click, Click, Click!

On Tuesday the London Connected Learning Centre (CLC) visited Year 1. The children had an amazing morning using iPads. They learnt that drawing a portrait does not always have to be on paper but on an iPad too! The children had fun learning how to use the crop, filter and contrast tool.

None of our children needed support in taking a selfie, this they did with great ease!

They then learnt how to draw around their photograph, shading it in using colours and adding other details to it. There were some amazing self-portraits from our Year 1 children.

Screen time well spent!

Year 3

Art Attack

In 3CF, we have started to make Egyptian canopic jars using old plastic bottles and paper mache in our art lessons! We used a wallpaper paste solution and got messy by using our hands to smooth down all of the layers. Once they are dry, we plan to paint them and make god or goddess lids out of clay!

Clay to your heart's content!

Year 5


The children in Year 5 made yogurt as part of their topic on changing state. Well done to everyone for following the method so carefully!

Good children making good bacteria!



The children in Year 6 investigated some very exciting fossils as part of their topic of evolution and inheritance.

This is beyond the pale-ontology!


The Oakfield ISA Drama Company travelled by coach to Luckley House School on 13th March. Our cast of 25 were amazing:super singing, fantastic teamwork. Matilda was a treat for eyes and ears.

The judge was hugely complimentary in her adjudicating marks and everyone should be very proud of all their hard work. A wonderful group of drama students that had such high standards and dedication: thank-you to each of you.

Rolls of honour awarded for standout performances, dedication and focus to:

  • Tess Mc
  • Sophie Mc
  • Yusra A
  • Neslihan J
  • Oonagh CL
  • Yasmin SH
  • Lauren H
  • Sebastian CM

Also, check out our social media channels where soon we will be bringing you a super special trailer of our Year 3 and 4 production 'Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits'.

Matilda Magic!



All Year 5 children were set the challenge of inventing their own sport and then teaching the other children how to play it. It was a great test of creativity, ingenuity and logical thinking for all the children. Plus the fun and exercise that came from playing the games!

What impressed Mr Bower the most was how the children took to the challenge of creating their own games and then conveyed their ideas to other groups in a show of real teamwork! Everyone seemed to get so much out of the children "owning" the purpose of a lesson.

Every Olympic sport started somewhere!
Playing outside the box!


Composer of the Week

Frédéric Chopin

Dear musical wanderers,

It is important in interesting times to remember the power of music to take us to other places and headspaces. Over the coming weeks I will be getting on Twitter to share things to listen to, explore and enjoy whilst we are following our very different routines.

And so to our composer of the week, Chopin. Different worlds and places are definitely on the cards, as his piano works drift from dreamy moonscapes and lyrical ballads, to heart-wrenchingly tender and sorrowful pieces. He was one of the first ever music superstars and a dip into his work will show exactly why.

Sam Howes (Director of Music)

The times they are a chopin' (and changing)

Birthdays and House Points

In the absence of Assembly today please join us in sending virtual birthday wishes to the following children:

  • 1AW - Minnie
  • 1SD - Jacob
  • 2MF - Anerudhan
  • 3CF - Savannah
  • 3CM - Sophia
  • 3HB - Dennis
  • 5AZ - Noah

And the house point totals at the moment are:

  • Baird - 280
  • Purcell - 235
  • Ruskin - 378
  • Webster - 353

Roll of Honour

In a change from our usual Roll of Honour, this week we would like to award it to all the children of Oakfield. It is such a difficult time for everyone in our school community but they have been showing remarkable heart, bravery and understanding in light of the circumstances we face. Well done to you all!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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