Lapis Lazuli By: Miss Hoene

Rock Type: Metamorphic

Hardness: 5 - 5.5

Luster: Dull

Found: In the limestone in Northern Afghanistan. Also found in Chile and Russia as well as other countries.

Uses: artwork, used to be ground up and made into paint, jewelry, mosaics, boxes, small statues, vases

Fun Facts: It is mentioned in the bible in Exodus 24:10


Created with images by Enric - "lapis lazuli precious stones blue" • James St. John - "Lapis lazuli (lazuritic metamorphite) (Sar-e-Sang Deposit, Sakhi Formation, Precambrian, 2.4-2.7 Ga (?); Sar-e-Sang Mining District, Hindu-Kush Mountains, Afghanistan) 1" • Letiha - "signet ring coat of arms old" • kevinzim - "Lapis" • Enric - "lapis lazuli precious stones blue" • Enric - "lapis lazuli precious stones blue"

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