Brazil By: Amour tanner

Brazil is located in South America near the equator; and they are the largest country in South America. The language they speak is Portuguese and the have a presidential system. They are known for their production of coffee and their colorful festivals. The name brazil came from a tree named brazilwood and it's a reddish brown color. In 2013 the current population in Brazil was 200.4 billion people and the life expectancy is 73 years old. One ecosystem they have is the Amazon Rainforest and it up most of south America; countries like Brazil, Colombia, Boliva, Venezuela, Ecuador and more.

This is Brazil's flag

In this colorful country they have eight different ecosystems and six different biomes one is the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon rainforest is 2.124 million mi² it is the world's largest tropical rainforest and it known for it's biodiversity. There are about 40,000 different plants and about 100,000 animals living in the Amazon rainforest. The biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest is pretty high and amazing. It´s important because many of these plants can be used for medicine and food to many other people and organisms.

This is a picture of some of the many types of plants in the Amazon rainforest

There are many organisms living in the amazon rainforest but one plant that stands out is the Heliconia known as lobster claws. The Heliconia is a colorful plant that comes in six different colors and its a exotic species. It is not endemic in South America it grows in warm tropical places the population status is stable. There is no conservation plans for the plant yet since its pretty stable. Its habitat is warm areas and their niche is to hide their flowers in the bract's with is a leaf so only certain birds can have the nectar. This plants name came from the nine goddesses of arts and science Greek Mythology ad can grow taller than 3 feet.

This is the Heliconia plant in three different colors google images


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