Goals Cam sandland

One Year from now...

One year from now, I imagine and want to be committed to a university for a golf scholarship. I want to achieve that goal because it makes me humble that I have the opportunity to be a college athlete. I want to be known as the athlete and student that tries the hardest at every goal I set. As well have my family involved in my decisions throughout the year. I want to be back on the ice playing hockey again to ease the frustration of golf that I practice everyday. I imagine myself becoming a young man that has good core values.

Three years from now...

I wish to be a young adult that is maturing and learning the ways of the world. I want to be playing on a college golf team and getting an education while doing so. Mostly because getting a free education is first to the sport I play. Also I have to put myself in prospective, if my plan I have had doesn't work out. Hopefully I major in something I enjoy and could have a future in. Most of all I want to have a new lifestyle, three years from then being a freshman in college hopefully. I'm sure I'll become home sick but the opportunity to live in a new place on your own is most exciting to me.

Five years from now...

I want to be living life to the fullest, chasing my dream of professional golf while staying in college getting my degree. At this time I would be 21 so that's supposed to be the prime of your young adult life and I want it to be that way and enjoy it as long as I can. But I want to be beginning traveling the world and seeing new cities, towns, countries. I simply want to enjoy all life's aspects.

Ten years from now...

I want to be with a girl that I really love, I see myself falling in love and wanting to start a family. I also want to be competing on the PGA tour, but I don't want my job to take time away from my family. I hope that never comes into play for me to have to make a decision like that. Family comes first always and you can't take it for granted. I want to be with a girl that puts a smile om my face whenever I see her and has the same views and interests as I do about the world. But also respects what I do and love, which is golf. Of all things I really want a child that I can teach for my own and become a better man than I am.


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