Finding the Good Life at the Florida Museum of Natural History Jacob Parker

Nature on display

Photos Taken By Myself

Among the many exhibits throughout the museum, the one stood out to me. Growing up in a coastal town, I am no stranger to the beach, and the creatures that inhabit it. The beaches close to where I live are the breeding grounds for the sea turtles. What caught my attention with this exhibit is exactly how close it looks to where I live. The sand dunes are very accurate, but what kept my attention, was the under the sand model of the sea turtles. Although I may have grown up near these turtles, and these habitats, I realized that I never truly understood their complexities. The law on our beaches is to not to have bright lights on the beach at night, but I never understood, why. This exhibit helped explain how sea turtles hatchlings follow the moon to the sea, and if they see another light they will follow it instead, and get lost. What made this so enjoyable, was how relatable it was, and how accurate the dioramas that were constructed are; more importantly though, it is the fact that it made learning facts about sea turtles easy and understandable that made it such an outstanding exhibit.

Nature and ethics

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One of the key exhibits at the Florida Museum of Natural History, is that of this house that is bent on educating people on how to be more energy efficient. A focus of this exhibit is that we as humans have a responsibility to take care of the world, and everything in it. It also highlights ways that we may not realize are harmful to the planet, such as using lightbulbs that are only wasting energy, when their are more eco-friendly options available. Walking through not only this exhibit, but the entire museum, a sense of wonder gets instilled in you. It feels as though I am a kid at my first science museum, and I am playing with all the fun gadgets, while a the same time learning how the world around me works. I believe that this is the point of the Conservation House. As people walk around the museum, they will be awestruck by how beautiful, and intricate nature and ecosystems are. When going through the house, they will understand what choices, and options they can make in their everyday lives to help ensure this beauty and these ecosystems are protected, and preserved.

Nature and the human sprit

Photos Taken By Myself

The Florida Museum of Natural History does an amazing job helping humans connect and begin to understand the world around them. Whether looking at one of the largest butterfly gardens in the world, or exploring the undersea world, the museum offers guests many opportunities to grow their knowledge of what is around them. In today's world, it is easy to get swept up in the news, or in one's personal life, and forget that there is a vast world out there, and some of which has yet to be discovered. Even today, scientists and explorers are still unlocking some well kept secrets about this place we call home. The museum helps to show that this world is still a strange place with many things we don't know about it, and it helps instill a believe that we need to discover. There are still hundreds of species of animals that have yet to be found, and it is up to us to uncover the mysteries of this floating rock in space we call Earth.

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