Met Gala 2019: The Best and The Worst By: madison piscitelli and kylie leonard

The Met Gala is all about dressing as bold as you can. This year the theme was Camp, an aesthetic style and sensibility that regards something as appealing because of its bad taste and ironic value. Some celebrities followed the theme amazingly, while others failed to impress. Here is our top four lists of the best and worst of the evening.

Disclaimer: There are the opinions of only two reporters, not Hawk Headlines as a whole.

Top 5 Men: Ryan Murphy

This outfit fit the Camp them perfectly! He wooed the pink carpet in his 100 pound pearl encrusted cape, designed by Christian Siriano. His outfit was over the top, from the colors to the sparkly details beating all the cliché black suits.

Top 5 Men: Darren Criss

Criss shocked the pink carpet with his shiny blue and red Harlequin jacket His outfit was tied together exceptionally, from his blue nail polish and blue eye shadow to the iconic blue jacket. His look stood out from others, and was quickly favored by the public eye.

Top 5 Men: Billy Porter

This outfit shined through out the night and was absolutely stunning! Giuseppe Zantoni crafted this outfit to perfection for Porter. Porter started the night by entering with six bodyguards carrying him on a bed over their shoulders. This look surely will not be forgotten in years to come!

Top 5 Men: Jared Leto

Leto's look was different from anything ever seen at the Met Gala before. His red robe was complimented by sparkling chains of gems, designed by Gucci. During the night, he carried around a 3D printed replica of his head, which added the jaw-dropping unique touch.

Top 5 Men: Ezra Miller

Miller's look amazed social media, especially Twitter users. People across the world, are jumping to recreate this beautiful optical illusion. His makeup was done by @mimles and wore a custom outfit by Burberry designed by Ricardo Tisci. He took a step up from a basic suit, to adding the diamond corset to his waist.

Top 5 Women: Lupita Nyong'o

This beautiful, rainbow outfit, designed by Versace stunned everyone. Nyong'o's outfit portrayed the essence of the Camp, from the gold combs in her hair, to her rainbow fan, and complimented with her sparkly pink eyeshadow. This look will go down in Met Gala history.

Top 5 Women: Cara Delevingne

Wearing Dior, Delevingne walked the pink carpet in a beautiful rainbow striped dress. The outfit was topped with a beautiful headpiece decorated with bright fruits and candies. The high heels and rainbow walking stick tied the outfit together to create this unforgettable look.

Top 5 Women: Janelle Monae

If anyone slayed the theme, it was definitely Monae. This stunning pink, white and black dress, designed by Chistian Siriano was completed with the accessories, like three hats, and a feathered eyeball. People everywhere are amazed by this outstanding look.

Top 5 Women: Zendaya

A real life Disney princess walked to pink carpet at the Met Ball, alongside her fairy godmother. Zendaya’s elegant silky blue dress, designed by Tommy Hilfiger, transformed into a glowing, lit-up dress as her fairy godmother blew smoke out of a wand. With the pixie-cut hair and poofy shoulders, Zendaya perfectly portrayed the Cinderella and camp look.

Top 5 Women: Josephine Skriver

Danish model, Josephine Skriver stunned the pink carpet with this beautiful beige dress, decorated with a variety of colored flowers, designed by Jonathan Simkhai.

Top 5 Worst Men: James Charles

Charles outfit was just plain boring. For Charles first Met Gala, he did not make a big impression. His outfit reminded many of a simple trendy Coachella outfit, rather than an extravagant Camp look. His look could of been fixed with ditching the bandanna and track pants, and replacing them more colorful, jaw-dropping pieces. Overall, the look didn't follow the theme, and was just basic and boring.

Top 5 Worst Men: Harry Styles

Styles wore an overly simple and basic look to the met gala. The plain black outfit could have been spiced up by adding some color. The look was very baggy and over-sized, and it looks as if it can be worn at any casual event. For an event as big as the Met Gala, it is acceptable to wear an extravagant outfit, but this was just too simple overall.

Top 5 Worst Men: Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch came to the Met Gala in the most effortless outfit. The outfit is a plain white suit, and looks like something a high school boy would wear to their senior prom. The white cowboy hat and the black cane were a nice touch to the outfit, giving it an old southern vibe. Overall this outfit could have been improved upon to fit the Camp theme.

Top 5 Worst Men: Travis Scott

Scott wore an overly simple outfit to the Met Gala. Dressed in all black, this outfit was nothing special to social media. Next to his partner, Kylie Jenner, his outfit was nothing spectacular. He wore a very simple black on black outfit, topped with a black vest, and long black rubber gloves. This outfit was overall basic and the different shades of black did not match. The black gloves were a much darker and more vibrant shade than the black of the shirt, which seemed to be more faded. Overall, this outfit looked like it could have been worn to the Coachella music festival or any type of concert or social gathering.

Top 5 Worst Men: Cole Sprouse

Sprouse's outfit was a great definition of the Camp theme, but overall just wasn't flattering. This red outfit was very awkward, with the colorful splotches, that almost look like a piece of bacteria. Not including the splotches and adding something a bit more eye appealing, this look could of been great.

Top 5 Worst Woman: Kim Kardashian

Overall, this dress was not flattering on Kim Kardashian. Her hair looks wet, almost like she just got out of the shower. The dress hugged her curves too much, and it looked like she could not comfortably move around or breathe. The dress matched her skin tone too closely, and at a quick glance it looks as if she’s not wearing any clothes. The dress is very basic and there is nothing extravagant about it. This dress could be improved with bright colors and fun feathers to capture the essence of the camp theme. Overall, the dress looks too small and it does not properly fit her body, or fit the camp theme.

Top 5 Worst Women: Katy Perry

Generally speaking, Perry’s outfit completely fit the definition of camp. The glowing chandelier was very extra, but also very unflattering. Knowing that this is a formal event, Perry should have worn something that looked nicer. The outfit that Perry wore was very childish. This outfit belongs on the ceiling hanging above a dining room table, not at the Met Gala pink carpet. Overall, the outfit was just weird and unfit for this occasion.

Top 5 Worst Women: Camilia Mendes

This dress is a simple yellow feather dress with a plain blue bow. This dress looks like it belongs at a high school prom. It also looks like the fish, Dory from Finding Nemo. The makeup looks very cliché and her hair is in a very simple tied back look. Overall the dress looks like it was cheap and poorly constructed, and looks like something you could buy at Windsor.

Top 5 Worst Women: Liza Koshy

This outfit looked like a flowery box worn on a women. This look fits the theme of camp, but it just looks so ugly all together. The sparkly and silver sleeve is a beautiful touch to the outfit, but the pink flowery boat around the dress ruins the look. Also the silver wrapped around her hair also looks very weird with the whole look. Overall, this outfit did not work all together.

Top 5 Worst Women: Naomi Scott

Scott’s outfit was very simple, and it looks like it would be worn by any middle-aged women to party. The silver gems on top of the black pant-suit outfit did not look nice together. It was not pretty how the gems ended about half way down the dress and were not carried out all the way through to the bottom. Overall, this could have been a much better look.

Overall, the outfits worn at the Met Gala were jaw-dropping, for the better or for the worse. The theme, Camp, was nicely executed by the celebrities and the looks were unforgettable.

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