Optimizing Revenue: Why Bidding on Brand Terms Matters case study

Why Should I Pay for Brand Clicks?

A national client wanted to find out if bidding on brand terms was really worth it—a valuable question. What about organic performance alone? We were intrigued by the prospect of learning how much power on-brand PPC ads held over organic search revenue.

When we paused all on-brand ad buys, we saw the brand organic traffic increase.

Measuring Missed Opportunity Costs

Pausing brand ads did indeed yield a boost to organic traffic, but not enough to offset the cost of the differential in missed opportunity. Let's see what those numbers look like in a real-world example.

Our retail client missed out on nearly 6500 clicks in a single week as a result of pausing their brand campaign.

The total cost in missed revenue week-over-week was nearly $12,000 when we paused brand ads!

Optimizing for Success

There are several reasons why buying brand paid search ads yields positive ROAS, chief among them is that conversion rates on branded terms are very high whereas CPC's are low. Also, seeing multiple iterations of a brand's presence on a single SERP gives potential buyers more confidence in brand authority.

Structuring Ad Campaigns for Success

In the more competitive space of non-brand keywords, CPC's are higher and the competition is fierce—ultimately, this is a space that is essential for capturing the lion's share of the market. However, when it comes to optimizing an overall PPC strategy, bidding on a blending mix of brand and non-brand terms is the most efficient way to optimize traffic to your website and see a healthy ROAS.

Our client saw that ROAS on brand terms was 7 times higher than non-brand, and much more effective than organic performance alone, accounting for more than 30% of overall revenue.

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