Barack Obama by:Karamo Toueray

Early Life: Barack Obama

This picture was taken when Barack Obama was 7 years old

Barack Obama was born in Honolulu Hawaii his dad was born in Kenya his mom's name was Stanley Ann Dunham when Barack was an infant his dad moved to Massachusetts. Barack's second dad's name was Lolo, Lolo means crazy in hawaii when growing up Barack also had a pet ape named ''Tata". Barack and his mom moved to Indonesia for a while he was also a talented basketball player he was so great at jump shots that he was called Barry-O'Bomber.

When Barack was growing up he had two dads and he was also called Barry and his first dad Barack Obama senior had to walk with a cane thanks to a car accident.

Why Was Barack Obama Famous

This is a picture of Barack Obama giving one of his very thoughtful speeches

One reason Barack Obama is famous is he gave many and very thoughtful speeches the speeches he gave led to him being the first black U.S president ever he was also a senator from Illinois this was when he was fourth-three he was among the youngest senator.


another accomplishment that barack has is graduating from Harvard law school and he wrote a book called dreams from my father another accomplishment of Barack Obama is winning the 2009 Nobel peace prize he was the first black president to be re elected Obamacare revolutionized health care.

What Impacts Did Barack Obama Have On History?

This is a picture of Barack Obama making history!

Barack Obama had many impacts on the people of the united states one major impact is being the first black president another is he broke down this stereotype of ‘Presidents have to be this and they have to talk and walk like that

How Is President Obama Celebrated

this a picture of Barack Obama getting sworn in as president

Barack Obama is celebrated a lot he is even celebrated by Bet, BET Presents: Love & Happiness, an Obama Celebration: President Barack Obama Celebrates His Final Musical Evening at the White House. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are honored to welcome everyone to a White House musical extravaganza. It's the first time a president has lit the diya in the Oval Office. ... Seven years after he became the first U.S. president to partake in the White House Diwali celebration, Obama lit a diya, or oil lamp, for the first time in the Oval Office to mark his final observance of the holiday as president

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