Imperialism By: Bradyn Bath

Imperialism is when a country exerts its power and influence on other countries through military or diplomatic forms. Imperialism is also when a country is ruled by an emperor.

4 examples of imperialism:

Europe and Africa. This example includes most of Europe. The European countries got competitive and started to make claims and take parts of Africa for their country.

England and India. England took over India and controlled them for quite some time. They taught in their schools, taught them Christianity, English, they traded and sold their goods, put taxes on imported goods and controlled many other parts of the country.

Another example is the United States and Hawaii. before the U.S. ever did anything with Hawaii, it was a monarchy. Once the Americans found this country, they started to establish a connection so they could use its resources for trading. Soon, the U.S. had a naval base built on pearl harbor. They established a constitutional monarchy, taking some power away from the king or queen. When the Queen Liliuokalani rose to power, she tried to change the constitution to give more power to herself but was overthrown by Sanford B. Dole who later created the Republic of Hawaii so that the U.S. couldn't give power back to the Queen when the bill to make Hawaii a territory was repealed. In 1898 when the Spanish-American war broke out, the U.S. used pearl harbor in its strategies eventually convincing congress to approve formal annexation. In 1900 it was made a territory and in 1959 it was made a state.

Greece was also Imperialist under the rule of Alexander the great. They took over all of Persia and expanded all the way over to India before eventually ending the conquest and returning home.


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