Cabra Matters Term 4 Week 5 2019

Principal's Report

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,


135 Stage 3 students and 10 staff enjoyed an exciting and busy trip to Canberra in Week 1. The students visited the Australian Parliament House, the National Museum, National Zoo, the War memorial and Questacon, which is a Science Centre. The students were able to learn much more about our country and the important events which have occurred as our modern nation developed. The accommodation was very comfortable and the food was hearty. Our students were very well behaved throughout the busy and tiring three days. I would like to thank the staff: Mrs Swallow, Mr Nile, Mrs Murray, Mrs Lam, Ms Stefanovska, Mr Goulter, Mr Nguyen, Mrs Ng-Prentice and Ms Butler for their commitment and support.


Congratulations to the students in KB (My Headphones) and 3S (Our New Best Buddy) for having their films shown at the Finals of the Film by the Banks competition. Special thanks to Mr Sollorz for his direction and production.


Over the last two weeks, many of our students participated in the Department of Sport and Recreation’s School Swimming and Water Safety program. This is a great program for our students to learn basic swimming skills and water confidence. Thank you to the supervising teachers and Ms Turvey who organised the program.


We will be holding our final Parents’ Excursion for the year on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 22. We will visit Kamay Botany Bay National Park at Kurnell and Cronulla. The cost will be $5 per adult with only 40 places available. Toddlers are welcome and at no cost. Participants need to bring their own food and drink. If you would to join other parents and carers for this visit to places that we take our students, please purchase a ticket from the school office.


Our school will, once again, be involved in the campaign to raise awareness and prevent violence by men towards women and family violence. Previously, this has been called White Ribbon Day. Our School Captains, Rahpah and David, will join our School Choir and students from 5/6L. 5/6Q, 5/6BN and 5/6S for a march from Canley Vale Park to Freedom Square in Cabramatta shopping centre on Wednesday November 20.


In Week 5, our classes have participated in a series of lessons which will help our students to come up with solutions for real life problems. Some of our classes have already been using this problem solving process. The process is:

1. Find the facts about the problem.

2. Generate lots of ideas to solve the problem.

3. Judge each idea and choose the best.

4. Make a plan to put the idea into action.

5. Make the product of the plan.

6. Reflect upon what has been achieved and how this could be improved.

I look forward to hearing about our students’ solutions to real life problems.


Our Year 4 students have been busy all year writing letters to their pen pals at Burraneer Bay Public School. The students have already enjoyed a visit and will conclude the year with further visits. This has been a great experience for all involved as it is improved our students’ communication skills and developed friendships with students from another part of Sydney.

Kindest regards,

Glen Stelzer

Sport and Group Photos

Sport and Group Photographs were taken on Tuesday 22nd October.

Sport and group photo letters have been distributed to students who were involved in Zone teams, PSSA, School Production, Skipping, SRC, Choir, Scrabble Club, Maths Cup, Volleyball, Debating, Sport Captains, Garden Guardians, Library Monitors and Tournament of the Minds.

Should you wish to order the Sports and Group Photo book, please go to http://www.msp.com.au,​ click on Order online link and enter the shoot key code on the letter your child has received.

The cost of the photo book is $25. Your order must be placed before 25 November, 2019. The book will be sent directly the school once printed.

The photo book is a wonderful keepsake

School Swimming and Water Safety Program

Students in Years 2-6 have been attending the School Swimming and Water Safety​ Program over the last two weeks. We have had beautiful weather and the students have developed water awareness and confidence and have improved their swimming skills. All students who attended the program regularly will receive a certificate.

Shelly Turvey

Program Coordinator

Staff Training

Staff attended twilight sessions to develop robotics skills and shared lesson ideas for Science and Technology, Maths and English K-6.

White Ribbon Day

Cabramatta Public School Choir joined the fight against Domestic Violence and will be performing at the Launch for Walk Against Domestic and Family Violence previously known as White Ribbon Day, being held on Wednesday 20th November, please see flyer below for details.

See pictures below of rehearsals and click on the link below to watch the video shown at the launch.

L3 Celebration

Parents, carers and special guests came today to our L3 Celebration. L3 is a literacy based program designed to improve students' results in reading and writing. Students were able to showcase the amazing things they are learning in their classrooms.

Remembrance Day 2019

Remembrance Day Service led by our school leaders. We will remember them.

We have two films as finalists in the ACMI Screen It competition. This is the final year Screen It will be running, so we feel very privileged to have been chosen as finalist this year. Well done to 4W and 1M.

Click link below to go to the webpage and see the finalist


Rovers Big Day by Class 4W (junior animation)

Animal Sounds by Class 1M (Junior live action)

Best Inclusive Entry:

Rovers Big Day by Class 4W

We have two films as finalist's in The Sunshine Film festival.

Vampire Puppet by Class 5-6BN

Class 4H 'Things That Make You Go Aargh' has been selected as well.

Please click on the link below for more information.


We have two films as finalists in the ATOM 1 minute film (lower Primary) competition.

Best Buddy by 3S

Let's Be by 1T


The finalists in the 1-Minute Film Competition 2019 have been announced and their entries can now be streamed online at 1-minutefilmcompetition.org.

Films were submitted based on the theme of Loyalty by individual students, groups of students and entire classes from all states and territories of Australia, as well as from New Zealand, in the following four categories:

•Lower Primary (Years F–3)

•Upper Primary (Years 4–6)

•Lower Secondary (Years 7–9)

•Upper Secondary (Years 10–12)

ATOM congratulates all the 1-Minute Film Competition 2019 finalists!

Please see below link for audience voting and viewing of videos.

Stage 3 Camp to Canberra

Stage 3 Canberra Camp

On Tuesday the 15th of October 135 students and 10 staff members left Cabramatta Public School for a three day adventure in Canberra. Students and staff visitied the War Memorial, Parliament House, the zoo and aquarium, Questacon and a few other places. It was a fantastic experience for all that went.

I would like to say a big thank you to the staff who attended, the staff that remained at school and supervised the students that didn't attend the camp and the students themselves. They represented Cabramatta Public very well.

Mrs Swallow and Stage 3 Staff

Camp was amazing and I would be lying if I said no one enjoyed it. It was a really enjoyable and fun learning experience that everyone loved . Every place was different which made each one a more fantastic experience.

Visiting Parliament House was really informing as no one really knew the hard work it takes to make all the decisions that benefit the country. Luckily we got to do a little role play and act like we were the government and the opposing side. Visiting the old Parliament House taught us lots of new and interesting things and gave us lots of new little activities.

The Australian War Memorial and the all the museums were very informing places and we all learned lots of different things. The war memorial taught us about all of the soldiers who risked their lives for us. All the museums showed us all different types of artefacts and and was an amazing and informal experience.

Telstra Tower was super cool. It was incredible to see Canberra from a different perspective. Everyone was mesmerised by the tiny people, cars and places. CSIRO was a marvellous learning experience. We learned so much from what CSIRO created, to its history. We played a fun game which taught us lots of surprising things. Questacon was probably everyone’s favourite place. There were lots of different activities that taught us about science. It was all created so you were able to touch everything.

The Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium was really fun. It was really cool to learn all the different things about the animals. It was a great experience because not many people have had a deer or ostrich eat from their hand. The peacocks were beautiful and everyone loved the sight of them.

Camp was amazing and so were the teachers. It wouldn’t of happened without them. It was relieving though to walk back to our motel knowing that there was a bed for us to relax and sleep in. Canberra was amazing and gave us lots of new experiences. It felt good coming back to our families even though everyone was sad to say goodbye. Everything was amazing, from the places to the teachers.

Summer Kendall 5/6E

We really enjoyed going to camp and had a blast at Canberra seeing all the sites. We went to many fun and interesting places. The places that we visited were all unique in different ways.

We really enjoyed going to the Old Parliament House and the Parliament House. We learnt a lot of new facts on how the Chambers operated because we experienced it by doing a mini role play. Everyone had a role to act as. We also did a few hands on activities at the Old Parliament House.

Everyone loved visiting Questacon and enjoyed exploring the interactive activities. There were many cool science things. Some of them were the Lightning Chamber, the Free Fall slide and many more other amazing activities.

The Telstra Tower view was phenomenal since we were able to see the whole of Canberra. It was interesting to see all of the animals in the National Zoo & Aquarium. The peacock was a very cool sight to see and it was fun feeding some of the animals. When we toured the War Memorial, we learnt a lot about all the soldiers who fought in the war and their survival during the wars. CSIRO was a very interesting place as well, and we were able to play a fun science game. The National Museum of Australia was interesting as well, we saw some of the exhibitions about people before us.

At the end of a long day, everyone was happy to arrive at the motel. We all had a fun and enjoyable time at Canberra, seeing all the fascinating locations and coming home to our families. We would like to thank all the teachers for supervising us at Canberra.

Annabel Huor & Jasmine Song 5/6N

Year 4 Excursion to Burraneer Bay Public School & Cronulla Beach

Year 4 finally got to meet their pen pals on Wednesday, the 23rd October. The day started off with a lovely walk along Cronulla Beach. The weather was beautiful and the children really enjoyed collecting shells and watching the waves roll in.

At midday, Year 4 were greeted by their very excited pen pals at Burraneer Bay Public School. The students were amazed at how different the school grounds were to our school grounds but also at how culturally different the students were too. All of the students sat together and enjoyed a BBQ lunch, lamingtons and some watermelon.

We can’t wait to do it all again in Week 5!

Mr Stelzer, Year 4 Teachers & Support Staff

Enrol Your Child Now

Our school is currently accepting enrolments for children who turn 5 by 31st July 2020 to begin Kindergarten in February 2020.

This is an exciting time in your child’s life and our school would like to be involved in your child’s learning.

If you would like to enrol your child at our school, please visit our school office.

To apply for enrolment, you will need to provide copies of the following documents.

• Child’s Birth Certificate

• Child’s Passport

• Child’s Immunisation Certificate

• Proof of Address

• Health Issues forms

• Doctor’s details

• Medicare Card

• Parent’s Identification (passport/citizenship papers)

• Visa Grant Notice

• Authority to Enrol

Once you have enrolled your child you will be invited to choose a day for them to attend the Transition to Kindergarten Program in Term 4. This program helps prepare your child for a successful start to Kindergarten.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our school. For further information, please contact the school on 9724 1534.

Our new school app is now active.

Cabramatta Public School has signed up to a new platform to help improve communication between our school and the parent community.

SkoolBag will be used to send app notifications regarding important events and school announcements. As well as a reference point for key documentation.

We are excited to be using technology to help bring our community closer together. Please follow the download instructions below.

What's happening?
  • November 14th - Yr 6 Avalon Public School Visit
  • November 18th - Homework Centre
  • November 20th - White Ribbon Day Walk
  • November 21st - School Captain Elections
  • November 21st - Mayor visiting Yr 6
  • November 22nd - Parent Excursion
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