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by: Amelia Wu

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Friday afternoon: the sun burned into the backs of M-A's varsity football players as they warmed-up to be facing their next opponent, Terra Nova. In the audience, unwilling PE students gathered in the stands, anticipating the bell to dismiss them. However, after the bell, some students came to watch and the M-A football team ended the afternoon with a victorious score of 30-8.

The M-A football team started the game off with a boosting run through a banner, where the drum line started and the game began. The M-A team continued to play with great determination, scoring 30 points by the end of the fourth quarter. Terra Nova gained their first touchdown during the fourth quarter, giving the bears a large victory.

This game has caused an uproar for many people: the football players, the pep band, spirit team as well as some audience members. Due to the noise and lights at a high school football game, M-A neighbors have complained about the conditions, requiring M-A to host a limited amount of night games.

The main complaint among the students involved in the games is missing sixth period. A pep band student complained, “Why is it so early? And, I’m missing the sixth period. And I have Florio sixth period. And there is a test that day. And now you can see my problem.” Even though some students have an easier sixth-period class, others found it more difficult to balance school with electives. Pep band students only had to miss the sixth period. Meanwhile, the football players had to leave the beginning of fifth period in order to prepare for the big game.

“ I don’t think they should have it that early.”

Football senior kicker Anthony Waller added to the fact that afternoon games are a hassle for a lot of students: “Worst off, I have to miss fifth and sixth. And for fifth, I have to miss this giant test.”

The following bar graph shows the opinions of the Pep Band students.
“Missing class, so that’s not good.”

- Anthony Waller, M-A Football kicker

Sophomore pep band student Liana Burfoot understands the neighbor perspectives, but, in addition, wishes that she didn't' have to miss class as well. "It’s kind of early, but like I understand that the people who live nearby may not have a choice to live where they are. I can see why they [neighbors] are mad at us but I’m also missing valuable class time,” she said. Evening games are a popular option for students;however, some students prefer afternoon games or the option of having the games earlier.

M-A's 12th man Club encourages the crowd to cheer on the Varsity football players.

A sophomore student believes there could be a compromise: moving the call time later, but being able to end the game earlier; preventing late night noise. She said, "...from a student perspective, I think maybe if they push the call time later, it would be easier for most of us." The main problem that emerges is missing class, but the atmosphere of a night game makes the experience more exciting and suspenseful.

The rush of adrenaline isn't necessarily all gone at an afternoon football game, thanks to the 12th Man Club, however, the first quarter audience benches were filled with PE students forced to attend, waiting for the final bell to ring. Pep Band participant, Katya Rivera, expressed her excitement for the games: “Some people are very into it, and I enjoy that a lot, in which makes the experiences more memorable.” Another student audience member added, “I think it is more fun with the bright lights and the people. It’s called Friday Night Lights for a reason.” The idea of Friday Night Lights tends to resonate with students more, most students enjoying the atmosphere and intensity of a night football game. Waller said, “The fun of going to a night football game is the fact that it's at night." The feeling of an afternoon game is just not the same.

Cheer Team motivates the crowd and the football team.
The game comes to a close, with the Bears congratulating Terra Nova for a great game.
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