My Poems By: Ana Roos

Measurement Poem

Why should we scale people

To see how tall they are

Or how much they weigh?

Why should we measure someone

In their height

Or test someone’s intelligence?

Everyone judges others because

Of their own insecurities

Why should we time someone

in their speed to finish the race

Or judge someone because their looks don’t match yours

Why should we bully that one person

for being different than the others

We laugh, we point, and we criticize

While they go home at the end of the day

And cry to wish they were someone else but themselves

And somewhere else but here

We judge that one person who fails their tests

We laugh, we point, and we criticize

While they go home every night

And study until they can’t keep their eyes open

We only see the side of people that they show in public

But not the side they hide at home

This world is judgemental

Wherever you go

Well, I guess that's just how life goes.

Political Poem

A new year comes by

A new political problem arises

One year it’s racial justice

The next it’s slavery

Then war

Our country never stops running

Women are raped

Men are shot

One day our country will fall

Harder than it ever has

So what will happen next?

Where would we go?

Without this country

Most of us have nothing

Nowhere to go

If people stick together

And work harder

This country will be a better place for everyone.

Me when I was seven

Stress free, careless, and happy

Probably going to do something fun

Smile on my face

Jackets on, driving through the cold

Worry less about school

Times before I stayed up all night

doing homework

Stressing weight on my shoulders taken away

By the fun of the ride

Before i was worried about friends

When life was just a game

Never stopped smiling

Because there was nothing to worry about


Love, I need you on a rainy day

I see you in my family

I see you with my friends

I write your name in poetry

I write your name in letters

Love, I see you on the streets

I feel you in my heart

on a beautiful valentine's day

I miss you during school

I see you on my anniversary

Love, I forgive you when you break my heart

I question you with lust

I see you in my favorite jeans

That sit in my dresser drawer

I hear you in the calls of birds

I read you in love stories

Love, I see you on the beach on a sunny day

I see you in the eyes of couples

When they watch romantic movies

I hear you in the laughter of my family

I see you bring people out of hate

Created By
Ana Roos


Created with images by Moyan_Brenn - "Sunset" • DonkeyHotey - "Donald Trump - Caricature" • jill111 - "family children woman" • RonBerg - "ladybugs ladybirds bugs"

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