The Unique Voyage By: Abdalla Ben Omran

It was another lovely day on the Titanic, the unsinkable ship. Little Alfred Samuelson was in his first class bedroom with his parents.

"Ma! Can we get the lovely chocolate biscuits with sprinkles?!" Alfred eagerly said.

After yesterday, he's been waiting forever for some more of those delicious biscuits.

A Biscuit covered with chocolate and sprinkles.

"Your ma is in the shower, boy," Alfred's da told him.

Alfred sat on his bed. As soon as his da left his suite, Alfred ran for the door. He went to his right, to find the opulent dining room. He sat down at his table.

A waiter came to ask, "What are you doing here on your own, you young chap?"

"I came for the chocolate biscuits, can I please have one?" Alfred seems to have lost his mind.

"I'm sorry, sir, but we can't serve you on your own, you're too young!" the waiter says, trying to calm him down.

"A twelve-year old can't get himself a good biscuit on this ship? The White Star Line will hear about this!" Alfred screams.

When you don't get your favorite biscuit...

He's gained a lot of attention at this point. He even lied about his age, all for a biscuit. The barmy boy stands on his chair. Where have his manners gone? This is not the normal Alfred. What am I doing? This isn't like me. He's lowered from the chair and apologized.

"I'm sorry, sir. I've been in a bad mood lately. Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going back to my room."

The waiter gives him his biscuit anyway and Alfred goes back to his room, gutted. As Alfred is walking to his room, he spots some people. Two huge men chasing a boy, age fourteen, possibly fifteen. He follows them. The two men have now captured the lad, and have taken him to their room. Alfred can hear them.

"You little scrub. This'll teach ya not to mess with a Gilhooley," one of the men yell, as they paste the boy continuously.

Supposedly Gilhooley's room (in this story).

After Alfred's earwig, he learned who the man was, Kevin Gilhooley. Alfred had heard of this guy, he's the brother of James Gilhooley, who runs a big part of Britain. Alfred calls for help.

"Someone help! Help! Any crew on this ship? A child is being murdered!" Alfred continuously screams.

At least fifteen crew members have ran to Alfred, who pointed to the door.

"There!" he says pointing to Gilhooley's room.

The crew members all rush inside and hold the two men, while others go to help the boy.

"Are you seriously helping a thief?! Have you men lost your marbles?! This is an outrage!" Gilhooley yells, he is not a happy chap.

"You sure you haven't lost your marbles?" one of the crew members reply with a small mumble.

Alfred is standing outside the room, he thinks he's just saved a life.

"You alright?" Alfred and some sailors ask the boy.

The boy stands up and runs. After the sailors just saved him, he runs, not even giving a "cheers."

"The gaffer will hear about this!" Gilhooley is not looking to stop yelling.

Alfred is walking back to his room now, as he enters, he sees his mum.

"Where have you been? I've been worried sick," his ma told him.

"I may have just saved a spawny boy," Alfred replies.

"That is a bunch of tosh," his mom says, giggling.

Alfred sits down at his bed and stares at the distance. Who was that boy and what could he have done so bad that he deserved murder? I hope he's safe now. Alfred is considering himself a hero at this moment, surely he's going to have a safe trip now. There's not even a fortnight left until America.

Supposedly the Titianic

Alfred was walking around the ship with his mum, he saw a ton of steaming men, playing cards. Gambling, something Alfred will never understand the fun of it, the way he sees it, those men are either losing a ton of money or winning a ton of money (which he guesses they had enough of), it's always all mouth and no trousers, he's surprised no one has gone skint yet. The reason they were down here was to get a late night desert.

The one room missing from the Titanic (People were addicted.)

"Chocolate covered biscuits, please," Alfred says with satisfaction.

When you get your favorite biscuit...

It's been a long day on this ship, but it was worth while, Alfred even got some eating irons. Who eats a biscuit with a fork?

He was really hoping those men would end up as lags, they really got conked, but they deserved it. Although apparently that boy was a "thief" as said by the two men, he hit the hard cheese of people to rob. Alfred hopes for the best. This trip has definitely been an interesting one. But then he hears a bang on a door...

The End.

British/Irish word definitions: Ma/Mum- Mom, Da- Dad, Chap-person (typically a man), Barmy- unbalanced, Cheers- thanks, Gaffer- boss/ foreman/ employer, Spawny- lucky, Tosh- nonsense, Paste- To hit, punch, or beat thoroughly, Fortnight- two weeks, Earwig- to eavesdrop, Steaming- extreme drunkenness/anger, Skint- bankrupt, without money, Gutted- a state of extreme despair, Lag- Convict/ former convict, Conk(ed)- a blow to the head or nose, Hard Cheese- an expression of unluckiness/ bad luck, Marbles- intelligence, good sense, All Mouth and No Trousers- all talk, no action, Eating Irons- cutlery, eating utensils.

Thanks for the words! --->


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