Picture-Perfect Partnership Not everything stays in Vegas… See how Clemson students and staff created digital content for Adobe’s Worldwide Sales Conference

Our Team


  • Max Huggins, Junior '17 - Videography
  • Austin Koon, Graduating Senior '15 - Videography
  • Pieper Meredith, Senior '16 - Videography
  • Alexa Rickard, Senior '16 - Photography and Graphic Design


  • Jonathan Gantt - Director of New and Creative Media - Strategy and Coordination
  • Nik Conklin - Coordinator of Digital Content - Videography
  • Jeff Kallin - Associate Director of Creative Media - Photography and Graphic Design

Day 1

We were charged with capturing photos to start a photo library, building out quote templates and creating a task list for the upcoming events.

"The WWSC was a whirlwind of inspiration and exciting energy. After spending a few days immersed in the Adobe family, I have a real appreciation for the wonderful people who collectively drive such an incredible company. I am grateful beyond words to have had this opportunity. Thank you, Adobe." - Pieper Meredith, Senior
"The WWSC was unforgettable - the location, the production and the people. I was amazed at how genuine and generous the Adobe employees were to our team as well as to each other. I'm looking forward to doing more work together in the future!" - Max Huggins, Junior

#AdobeLIFE || Meet our Employees' Video Series

L-R: Max Huggins, Jeff Kallin, Pieper Meredith, Todd Burke, Alexa Rickard, Austin Koon, Nik Conklin
"The Adobe conference was a game-changer for me. I was honored and grateful to be a part of this experience. Not only are Adobe products great, but the people behind them are as well. They care about others and have a passion for their work. The highlight of the trip was getting to talk with experienced Adobe personnel who truly knew their craft. It was both inspiring and encouraging.
A company is only as good as its leaders, and the executives at Adobe made us feel welcomed by taking the time out of their hectic schedule to greet and speak to our team. Overall, it was a memorable, humbling experience." - Austin Koon, Graduating Senior
Matt Thompson and the Clemson Crew
"I have been using Adobe products for eight years. They have inspired me to create the unexpected. I will be forever grateful to Adobe for making our experience at WWSC unbelievable! The people I met were each so gracious with their time - I learned so much from them." - Alexa Rickard, Senior

Clemson's Goals at WWSC

  • Showcase Clemson
  • Professional Development & Networking for Students/Staff

Day 2

Beginning with the Women's Breakfast, Day 2 was full of incredible speakers and inspirational messages.

The tools that helped us create.


Down to business. Adobe staffers get clear goals and strong messaging heading into 2016.

“The Adobe executives our students met — Laura Croker, Karen Park Jones, Jonathan Hammond, Jim Holscher, Matt Thompson, Shantanu Narayen and dozens of others — were all so gracious with their time and guidance. It was an experience only made possible because of the close relationships the Clemson and Adobe communities have built. Our students received a world-class experience because Clemson and Adobe have a world-class partnership.” — Jonathan Gantt, Clemson Athletics

WWSC Content Created by Clemson

  • 4 Conference Highlight Videos
  • 4 Adobe Employee Spotlight Videos
  • 15 Quote Graphics
  • 3 Facebook Banner Graphics
  • 4 Animated Graphics
  • 6.2 GB of Images Taken
The Experience: PRICELESS.

The highlight of the week came on the final evening when our Clemson group interacted with Adobe CEO/President Shantanu Narayen and COO Matt Thompson before the final session. A few minutes later, our final recap video played on the main stage screens to resounding applause from the Adobe employees.

Created By
Alexa Rickard

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