S.S. Chapt 14 Lesson 3

Bazaar: a marketplace.
Mosque: A Muslim house of worship.
Astrolabe: a tool that helps sailors navigate by the position of the stars.
Minarent: the tower of a mosque from which muslims are called to prayer.
Muslims developed forms of art based on Islam and the different cultures of the Muslim world.
Islamic rulers lived in large palaces with central courtyards.


Created with images by Fr Antunes - "Saint Mary Church of Óbidos" • Luisfpizarro - "seville andalusia cathedral" • www.twin-loc.fr - "https://www.twin-loc.fr The gardens - Les jardins - La Alhambra de Granada Spain Andalousia - Picture Image Photography" • austinevan - "Astrolabe, 18th century" • James Preston - "Validés Minaret, Rethymnon" • AdmlCrunch - "Hut" • jimmyharris - "Palace of Westminster"

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