'America First!' Fenna Brandsma and Meike van der Vleuten

What is 'America first'?

Donald John Trump is elected as 45th president of America. Donald Trump wants to change things in America. That's why he announced in a speech to put 'America first' that he wants to make America great again. 'Every decision on trade, taxes, immigration, foreign affairs, will be made in the benefit of American workers and American families. We make other countries richer, while we are going down. Now it's our time to change things I won't let you down,' said Trump.

Power to the people.

Donald Trump has a lot of ideas about the changes to be made. First important point he mentioned in his speech was to give back the power to the people. 'We carry over the power of Washington D.C. and give it back to you, the American people.' 'For too long there was only a small wealthy group of people, while the rest was paying the price for this.' He wants the people to have a bigger influence. 'The forgotten men and woman in this country will no longer be forgotten' said Trump

Economy and employment

'We made other countries rich while welfare, power and self confidence of or own country disappeared. One by one out factories closed and left, leaving millions of American workers behind.' For years companies left America to produce their products elsewhere. This must be stopped. Borders must be protected so that the products will be produces in America again and employment will grow. Over the years the value of the US dollar has decreased. When the economy will grow again, also the value of the US dollar will improve.

Donald Trump already skipped the participation to the trade agreement TPP. It is cancelled because it would not be in the interest of America. According to Trump other countries have become more rich because America helped them. Now it's America's turn. America products will be produced in America again and that American people have to buy American products. New trade agreements will only be signed when America also has a benefit from it.

Trump wants to lower taxes for companies to 15/20 percent. Normally the tax that companies are paying is around 35 percent or higher. This will help to stimulate new companies to start and to create more jobs in America.

Trump is against the Climate Action Plan. This would save 30 billion dollar for all the Americans. That's 13 dollar per American per year. The climate Action Plan of Obama should decrease the emission of CO2 in America, part by retaining the woods and usage of more renewed energy. Trump wants to stimulated the American oil and gas sector to increase the American economy and infrastructure.

Environmental issues.

Trump doesn't want to spend less money on environmental problems. He wants to spend this money on more important things which make America better. An example is the coal industry. Trump disagrees with the idea of Obama that power plants have to have 30% less emissions from 2030. These Measurements are costing too much money.

Investments in education and infrastructure.

'America has spend thousands milliars of dollars in other countries while the American infrastructure further declined' said Trump. They let other countries grow but the welfare, industry and the infrastructure are declined inAmerica. That is one of the things that he wants to change. The borders will be monitored. he wants the jobs back in America and the industry to grow again. The infrastructure needs to be recovered. he wants to build new roads, tunnels, bridges, schools and hospitals.


Trump signed agreements to secure the borders. The borders of other countries were protected but America forgot to protect there own borders. A 3000 kilometers long wall next to the border of Mexico was one of the most important things during Trump's campaign. The wall needs to protect America for drugs, weapons and illegal immigrants. Also refugees are no longer welcome in America. A lot of people need to get back to their home country. It is expected that human rights organizations will not agree with this. Again America is put at the first place.


1. Trump wants to work together with Russia in destroying IS. Trump never talks about how they want to destroy IS, otherwise IS can prepare for it. Obama didn't wants top work with Russia in the war agains IS.

2. Obama wanted to spend more money on environmental issues. The measurement for saving emissions in the power plants are a good example for this. Trump wants the coal industry to start working again. This money can be spend on more importants things.

3. Trump is more busy than Obama to get the illegal immigrants out of the country.

4. Trump immediately cancelled ObamaCare. Obama wanted that all American people have a basic care health insurance. When ObamaCare will be cancelled, all people have to pay everything what they need from hospital, nursery, medecine and much more things. Poor people cannot afford healthcare anymore when abolishing this basic care. Trump has another plan. He want the people to open a savings account and pay no tax. So that people can save money for care.

5. According to Trump there are too much civil servants in the government at this moment. Savings can be made here.

6. Trump wants to abolish abortion. He wants the right for an abortion, that American woman have since 1973, abolished.

7. Trump disagrees with the marriage between gay couples. Marriage should only be possible between a men and a woman. He wants to abolish this in America

There are so much more differents between Trump and Obama. These are just examples for the main differents. Now you know what 'America first' means. Donald Trump wants to change a lot in America. He wants to make America bis again. 'Together we will make America strong again, make America rich again, make America proud again and make America save again. And yes, together we will make America great again. Thank you. God bless you. And god bless America.'

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