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May We Explore our Universe together towards the Future and Betterment of Mankind, leading the way for universal Peace and understanding among other Lifeforms.” - BMD
Poster Art is a combination of digital and graphic art using Photoshop and Adobe Software.

It's a Artistic form of Visual Presentation to capture or stun your viewers, in order to Advertize a product, movie or book.

She’s the Doctor
Be careful what you bring back...
It's also the Art of making a point ...

Visual Presentation will spark interest leading the viewer to investigate more...

Sometimes its scary...

It's a statement with a message

You may also introduce potential producers to the headline of an exciting Movie, such as...


It's about an asteroid 3X the size of the one that killed the DINOSAURS, headed straight for EARTH, after mysterious colliding with an unknown object.

AND the Shocker? It's based on a True Story, because there is an Asteroid 1036 named Ganymed.


Posters can be a great tool to grab your audiences curiosity to read more...

Pride had cast him down..O to Sacred Earth...a Black Evil has spread across the Lands...O to the horrors of Earth.

Whatever message you need to attract your customer, Adobe is indeed an useful tool for any artist - Bari Demers

My stories lead you to another time and place. It may even have a ring of truth in it...
If you look closely you'll find messages within my art piece ...
As a writer and artist, my point may be referred to as Vincent van Gogh - an Art impressionist where hidden messages lies beneath the surface - Bari Demers

Can I interest you in my stories & screenplays?

Come to the DARK side...
Bari Demers is an Artist, Screenwriter and storyteller. A diverse background of college education with diplomas in the Arts and Architectural Drafting. Throughout his careers, writing and filming has always been his passion," I envision a story and bring it to life."
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By Bari Demers

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