The Great War By:Brendan Schaeppi

Causes for War

  • Some countries got involved to protect other countries right of neutrality(Britain jumping to defend Belgium)
  • Russia helped Serbia due to their Common Slavic nationalities
  • Some existing alliances impacted this as well such as Austria-Hungary and Germany
  • Due to increase in militarism each country felt prepared for war which certainly impacted decisions on which to enter the war or not

Causes for US involvement

  • US involvement went on from the start(although no military) because of the obvious economic opportunities in a time the US desperately needed money. The military US involvement came later inspired partly by the sinking of the Lusitania, a passenger ship carrying 128 Americans(and ammunition for British troops but that's besides the point). The US would eventually give the people what they wanted and get revenge on the Germans.
  • The US and Britain are also loyal allies
  • A plot was also uncovered of Germany attempting industrial sabotage in the US in order to disrupt US trade with the allied powers
  • Americans were torn on what side to enter on, each American wanted to enter on the side of their respective homeland

Profile of a Doughboy

  • American soldiers were typically young,a bit rushed in training and thus unprepared, and carried heavy packs containing materials necessary for survival(gas mask,clothes,wire cutters, tent supplies,etc.)
American "Doughboys"

Battle of the Marne

  • The Battle of the Marne was an allied victory over German forces, ending the German advance into France
  • General von Moltke reportedly told the German Kaiser "Your majesty, we have lost the war" following the German defeat
  • Both sides exhausted from retreats by both sides, French and British forces launched a counterattack on German forces, splitting the two German armies and leading to a decesive allied forces victory
French troops during the Battle of the Marne

Home front experiences

  • African Americans saw opportunities in battle(although still segregated) but mostly were more relied to make supplies in factories as many young white Americans went off to serve
  • Many people wanted the US to help their respective countrymen meaning people were torn on what side the US should enter on
  • Women saw increased opportunities in the workforce, primarily in factories, this led to women gaining respect which led to them being granted voting rights. Women also served in the forces as nurses
  • American citizens were asked to ration food and supplies to support troops and also purchased "liberty bonds" in order to further support US troops
  • Some Americans opposed war as it was a war that was a European problem and thus the US had no business getting involved in
  • American involvement did help the US economy through the US trading with the European nations to get themselves out of a hard time economically
An example of the "Liberty Bonds" purchased by US citizens

Outcomes of WWI

  • No side really won the war but it is for certain that Germany lost more than anyone due to the harsh restrictions implemented by the Treaty of Versailles, setting the stage for WWII
  • Restrictions placed on Germany include being stripped of most of their foreign territories(All African colonies,their richest farmland lost to Poland among other loses), Germany could no longer field large armies and couldn't field any near the French border, the last main restriction was a product of the loss of territories resulting in the destruction of the German economy
  • Wilsons 14 points was his plan outlined at achieving peace as easily as possible however as France took the forefront in negotiations this plan never was exacted in the Treaty of Versailles as France elected to blame the war solely on Germany
  • In order to prevent any future world war the League of Nations was created(eventually failing and being disbanded in favor of the United Nations following WWII)
  • Germany was forced to pay around 33 billion US dollars in order to rebuild destroyed areas
  • New countries created include Poland, Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and a few others.
WWI casualty counts

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