Good Life Tour of the Harn Jenna ims

Medium & Technique.

Yvonne Jacquette's woodcut titled "Lights & Towers" stood out to me due to the stark contrast between the black and the white as well as its intricate craft. For me, the darkness of the buildings opposes the luminance of the white which I think represents city life. The fact that her work started as carvings in wood and then ended up as paint on a canvas makes me admire her work even more.

Museum Design.

The Bob and Nancy Magoon Garden would have to be one of my favorite spaces throughout the Harn Museum. As you cross through the threshold and into the garden, you are overcome by the openness and the amount of natural light that seeps in. The foliage and sculptures are assembled so gracefully that I often forget that I'm at an art museum. The triangular lily pond gives a sense of directionality as it points you towards the beautifully-sculpted display pieces.

Art Cores & Values.

Melissa Meyer's painting, "Untitled #3", evokes mixed emotions for me. The color red is known to have many different affects on mood... love, anger, passion, desire, and even hate. As I inquired further information about the artist, I noticed that she was a part of the Abstract Expressionist movement which I had researched in my Architecture Studio class. Abstract Expressionists were deeply effected by the post-war feelings of anxiety and irrationality, and they expressed these emotions through their art. Abstract Expressionists wanted to convey a feeling or an event, rather than just a single object. For me, self-expression is a value that I hold dearly. I am a very emotionally intelligent person, and art is often my only outlet for relieving stress. Without it, I doubt I could make much meaning out of my own life.

Art & The Good Life.

This sculpted Buddha caught my attention for depicting an obvious Good Life theme; the theme of introspection. Buddha's posture and body language resembles that of meditation. Meditation allows you to look inward and free yourself from feelings of depression, anxiety, and even physical pain by focusing your attention on a single thing. Only after you this, may your mind be completely at peace. I think meditation is extremely vital to having balance in one's life as well as a peace of mind.
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