DateFax Inc. Rate your date

Who are we?

A unique date rating website that allows you to view, comment, and rate your dates.

How were we founded

DateFax Inc. was founded in 2017, when co-founders Tania Boh and Alexa Hornak had been on one too many bad dates. Boh and Hornak wanted to create a tool to help women and men like them know the truth about the people they were dating.

Co-Founders Tania Boh and Alexa Hornak

Our Team

Allison Shorb (CFO), Lauren Vogelsmeier (COO) , Madeline O'Connell-Kent (Director of Online Content), Kelsey Kramb (Director of Extension)

What about the rest of the industry?

Dating services are a $2.5 billion industry in the United States. In this very profitable industry, online dating services account for over 70% of the market share. All of these dating services and websites offer the same thing.

Why us?

We offer what other dating services don't, reality. DateFax provides a profile for every male or female you may be interested in, with real ratings and comments from people that have already been out with them. Our unique rating and commenting features help you avoid the men or women that you wouldn't want to bring home to mom. Say goodbye to anymore liars, cheaters, or check-splitters!

Our Product


Easy Package: FREE

  • Ability to view star rating and one comment on up to 10 profiles a week.

The One Night Stand: 99ยข

  • Ability to post one comment on a profile.

Friends with Benefits: $4.99/month

  • Commenting capabilities on up to five profiles a month. Ability to view three comments on each profile. Weekly views increase from 10 profiles a week to 20.

Playing the Field: $9.99/month or $109.99/year

  • Full access to DateFax website, which includes unlimited profile and comment viewing, as well as unlimited commenting capabilities.

Our Marketing Plan

  • Commercial
  • Social media advertisements
  • Campus crews

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