My choice of theory, on how Otzi died How did otzi die?

In 1991, hikers in the alps came upon a human corpse encased in ice. Their initially thinking was it was a hiker that had gotten lost in the mountain. After some time though scientists came to a conclusion that it was actually a dead ,5300 year old man, that they later named Otzi. They realized that this could be a big break in finding out information from millions of years ago.Which in time lead the the question, how did this man die?

There are many theory's regarding how he died and this is the one I believe is true.

Otzi might have lived in a Village similar to this, 5300 years ago

The theory I believe is most accurate is the one where Otzi bled to death because of the following concepts . This theory states that Otzi got in to a fight, most likely hand to hand combat since scientists have told us that there was wounds on Otzi`s hands. Then Otzi trying to escape the fight fled up the mountain. A bad decision on his part, most likely because of blood loss he died. Ice over thousands of years enclosed his corpse keeping it protected from wind and rain. That is the theory I agree with the most.


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