agriculture and beyond how the fight for food and power came to be, and how it stayed strong.

a group of nomads, and their camels.

when humanity started around 6 million years ago, there was no agriculture. there wasn't even any society. all there was were nomads; people living off the land, and constantly moving from place to place in order to keep from starving. this nomadic lifestyle is how humanity came to span the globe, from the bamboo fields of Asia, to the rocky lands of north america, to the dry island of Australia. no matter where you went, one thing was clear: a nomadic lifestyle is the ONLY sustainable lifestyle to have. that was, until thirteen thousand years ago, when the ice age, a chilling event which had started over twenty three years ago, ended.

the beginning of agriculture

egyptian drawing of a man and his livestock

the end of the ice age was a monumental moment for humanity. because now that it was over, the planet started to warm up, and this change allowed one thing to happen: agriculture.

as the planet warmed up, more plants could grow. and through trial and error, humanity started to take advantage of this. taking seeds from one edible plant, waiting, and once they came back, they had a harvest. more and more people began to take advantage of this, and soon, you could find tribes of farmers, tilling the land, and waiting for their fortune to literally sprout out of the ground. and soon these tribes grew, and they came to be villages. these villages could create even more food, and as food surpluses came to be, these villages became towns. then cities. then city STATES. then soon, civilization.

(civ 6)

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