14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” - Romans 10:14-15

Campus Ministry has made a great impact in my life. I never thought that I would be a part of something that is great and very fulfilling. All I ever care before is my own life, on how to live my life through pleasing people and will bring significance in my life. But when I came to know and met Someone who cares so much about me and who loves me like no other, it brought change and transformation in my heart. Day by day, as time passes by, this Someone made a huge turn in my life. He even uses people to reach out to me and lead me back to Him. And this Someone is God. A God who knows you by name and a God who loves you so dearly and unconditionally. I can never thank Him enough for what He did for me, sending His one and only Son to save me and gave me this freedom that I have now in my life. I can truly say that CAMPUS MINISTRY WORKS! Without campus ministry, without those people who has been so patient in pursuing me, and without Jesus in my life, I wouldn't be where I am today. As what the song says, "From darkness to light. From death into life. His grace changes everything." Jesus' light brought a new hope and future in my life. As I am being filled with His love and grace, it compels me to share the same love and grace towards the next generation that will bring a new hope in their life.

Victory Davao Youth Service happens every Fridays 6:30 PM at Claveria St. formerly C.M. Recto.

That's why God has given us the opportunity and privilege to be used by Him for His greater glory by reaching out to the lost through YOUTH SERVICE. Youth Service is not really the main thing, but this is an instrument that God has given us to reach out to the lost and gather them as one in worshiping and knowing God, walking along the journey of growing in Him and getting deeper in His Word. As this year 2017 started, we are just so excited of how God will use us more in reaching out to students in every campuses and preaching the gospel with all of our hearts. Youth Service is all about two things: Discipleship and Leadership. It's not just about engaging them but also helping them know God more and be a follower of Christ. As we disciple them, we are also raising them up to become the future godly leaders of the society. Leaders that will stand for the truth which is in Christ Jesus and fight for what is right in the eyes of God. Leaders who loves God more than anyone else and who seeks to serve Him and His people. And leaders who has so much zeal and passion in preaching the Gospel, who has so much love and devotion for His Word.

Laurize Albarracin, Campus Director of EN Campus Davao, preached a powerful message about being/getting ready in facing every battles and challenges in every season of our lives.

In campus ministry, we also involve teachers to be part of this mission that He gave to everyone. A mission that will brought about change and transformation in the lives of their students and fellow teachers and administrators. Our goal is to saturate the campus in reaching out not just students but also the teachers. We believe that teachers plays a big role in the lives of the students. They are their second parents that will help them, guide them, and discipline them. They are one of those people whom placed God in the life of the students, who will be responsible in molding their character. We believe that as we start investing in the lives of these teachers, we're starting to invest as well in the future of the next generations to come. Last January 19, 2017, we had our first dinner hangout with some of our teachers in church who are working full-time and part-time in their schools. We encourage and empower them to reach out to their students, fellow teachers and administrators, preach the gospel to them, and help them follow Jesus.

Our passionate and faithful Teachers who has a big and genuine heart for the next generation, enjoying the fellowship together with the Campus Missionaries.

Our goal this year is to raise up more young men and women leaders that will saturate every campuses in the city, through continually reaching out and preaching the gospel to the students. Discipleship and Raising Leaders will took place in Victory Groups and Coaching Groups. Victory group is where we talk about what God's Word says about the different areas of our lives. This is where you got to meet a lot of friends and build covenant relationships that will last forever. Coaching group is an avenue as well in equipping and empowering new leaders that will lead multitudes towards knowing and having a relationship with God. As we start the year 2017, we start it right by having our victory groups resumed and continued. Here are some of the photos that we're taken during victory groups and coaching groups from different campuses:

PISD (Precious International School of Davao) students with one of our faithful victory group leaders, Abby Racho.

PWC (Philippine Womens College) Senior High students with one of our faithful victory group leader, Hanna Petel.

SPC (San Pedro College) students with one of our faithful victory group leaders, Zendy Albarracin.

Danielle Alvarez, one of our coaching group leaders faithful equipping and empowering these two student leaders from UM (University of Mindanao).

Abby Racho, one of our faithful coaching group leader, passionately empowering these student leaders from UM (University of Mindanao).

Thank your for faithfully partnering with us in reaching the next generation for God! Indeed, OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL! Thank you for praying with us as we continue to preach the Gospel boldly with zeal and passion. Looking forward for more years of partnership with you in Honoring God and Making Disciples! It's a privilege to have you on board! God Bless you abundantly and exceedingly!

Joanna Megriño | Campus Missionary | Every Nation Campus Davao | (+63) 923 521 5507/ (+63) 927 926 9030 | joan.megrino@everynationcampus.org

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