Renaissance Portrait soobin kim

o Renaissance Portrait Research

The Swing (1767) - Jean-Honoré Fragonard

I got to know about this painting while studying Baroque and Rococo architecture last year. The contrast between the young woman and the background was enough to catch my attention, and it is the reason why I thought of this painting as soon as we started this assignment; it reflects my personality of wanting to stand out. Unfortunately, the timeline does not match and this is not the best choice for editing a portrait.,_The_Swing.jpg

Self-Portrait (1889) - Vincent Van Gogh

I've seen a few of Van Gogh's self-portraits back in Korea and remember thinking that they showed the darkest kind of brightness. It would have been great if I decided to work with this painting but realizing the limit to my Photoshop skills, I think I made the right choice of leaving it for another opportunity.

American Gothic (1930) - Grant Wood

Although this assignment is focused on Renaissance Paintings, I chose to go somewhat off topic and work with this piece. I remember taking a glimpse of this painting in the Art Institute of Chicago and realized it was something 'famous'. In fact American Gothic seemed to be the AIC's Mona Lisa as the little room in which this painting was displayed was fairly crowded.

This painting seems to stand right between the border of warm and cool--I think it is this aspect that illustrates a perfect satire that Grant Wood wanted to implement in his painting. The colors lean towards warm coziness but some cold and awakening element almost neutralizes it.

(This is not a Renaissance painting but Grant Wood died more than 50 years ago, in 1942, which I thought was the only restriction to choosing a painting for this assignment.)

o Process Work

PC - Seohee Park

o Final Product

Peaches, V-sign, and a Ferris Wheel

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