Theseus and the Minotaur By: Grace Treml

Theseus was a Greek hero who set off to meet his dad, King Aegeus, in Athens.
Along the way, he faced many bandits, like Sciron.
Sciron robbed travelers passing the cliffs and forced them to wash his feet. When most travelers knelt to do so, he kicked them over the cliff into the sea, where they were eaten by a giant turtle.
Theseus outsmarted Sciron and killed him in the exact Way that Sciron had planned to kill him: by pushing him off the cliff to be eaten by his own giant turtle.
After reaching Athens and being reunited with his father, Theseus learned of a terrible tragedy.
THe king of Crete, Minos, forced the Athenians to send 7 young men and 7 young women to crete, where they were pushed into the labyrinth and devoured by the minotaur.
When Theseus heard this, he was outraged. He grabbed his sword and shield and declared that he would be one of the 14 young men and women that journeyed to crete.
King Aegeus was shocked! No Athenian had ever come back from Crete alive, and the ship that took them away always returned with black sails, signifying that all the tributes were dead.
KIng Aegeus Made theseus promise that if he returned alive, that he would change the sail color to white instead of black, so he would know that theseus survived.
Theseus agreed, and the 14 tributes set sail for Crete.
When he arrived at crete, theseus met one of the princesses, adriane. she fell instantly in love and demanded to help him survive.
"Take this, and take me with you when you sail away" she said, giving him a large ball of string and told him: "Tie this to the entrance of the maze, and unravel it as you walk. That way, you can just follow it back to the entrance without getting lost."
The next morning, the 13 tributes and theseus were shoved roughly into the labyrinth to face their deaths.
He told the 13 young men and women to stay exactly where they were, tied one end of his string to the entrance, and set off into the maze, unraveling his string as he went.
Theseus found the Minotaur, and slayed it using only his sword and shield.
Free from the minotaur, the 14 tributes, all alive, broke out of the labyrinth and set sail for Athens. On the way theseus left ariadne on a nearby island and forgot all about her. but in their excitement to get home to Athens...
Theseus forgot to change the sails from black to white!
Aegeus was so horrified that he threw himself off the cliffs of athens, making Theseus the king when he returned.


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