Kings Forest and Miscellaneous Tennis friends from Shane

Stay Tuned! If I figure this thing out I could be dangerous!
Cheerwine! But Sometimes I drink Coke and Seven-Up just to see if it is true what they say!
This was a dangerous bridge!
Pulled over so a friend could have a GIANT DRINK!

And I made the right choice! I wonder how Tracy is doing!

Shane's Flying Disc Show with my Giant Cheerwine motorized can!
Shane became known as Shane "Save The Mini" Smith. Shane tried to encourage the making of The Mini mold after it got warped. Minis were going out of production and I'd spent a lot of time practicing with them. So I encouraged kids from my show to write to Wham-O so they would "Save" the mini". The kids love the minis and they don't hurt anybody when it gets rough! The kids wanted lots of them to practice with. Fortunately you can still get a mini from Wham-O that you can work out with. They delay well! I had heard back in the late seventies that the mold for the Mini was 250,000.00. I'm not sure though!
I loved these two girls. They made throwing the mini fun! When we got tired we gave 5,000 cups away to our friends! Five Thousand at least!
Created By
Shane Smith


All photography by friend of subject or Shane Smith

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