Create Videos on Your Mobile Device

Steady the Device

Secure the device in a video case or bracket, and attach it to a sturdy tripod or rest it on a solid surface like a table or desk.

Record Pro Audio

Attach a microphone to capture high quality sound on the device.

Use Natural Light

The window is like a big lamp that spills warm light onto your subject.

Frame the Subject

Aim the camera at eye-level and get in close to your subject.

Edit on Your Mobile Device

Craft your story in the editing software on your device or a computer and export the final video to share with your audience.

Setup a Pro Video Kit for your Mobile Device

Contact a local vendor for educational pricing on a case/bracket, tripod and microphone.

Use a video case or bracket to hold the mobile device snugly.

Attach the case to a sturdy tripod to hold the entire rig in place.

Connect a compact microphone to record high quality audio on the device.

An Optional Pro Video app can unlock manual filmmaking features

The video camera built into your mobile device is pretty amazing as it is, so use it confidently. If you want to step up your manual filmmaking skills, an optional app like Filmic Pro app can give you full manual control over your video settings, including the ability to control and lock focus, exposure and white balance. You can also see the audio levels on your microphone.


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Images by Richard Gaudio, except product photos from the manufacturers: iographer, Rode, Vanguard and Filmic Pro.